What is a learning circle?



So what exactly is a learning circle?
From our perspective, there are a few core values that are essential in any learning circle, but beyond that, we think that you should define a learning circle for yourself.

Here are some resources that can help you:

  • An infographic to help understand the basics of learning circles.
  • A 2-minute video, featuring five facilitators sharing their definition of a learning circle.

Sometimes people define learning circles in a sentence, such as:

  • A free, peer-led, lightly-facilitated group of learners coming together to build a learning community and achieve both personal and communal educational goals.
  • When more than 1 person meet multiple times in order to meet personal goals and objectives around a common topic.
    *A group of people who gather with the explicit intent to learn something together and not simply consume information.

Other times, people focus on surfacing common values:

  • A learning circle must be free, interest-driven, non-hierarchical in structure, and inclusive.
  • A learning circle is not pass/fail, teacher-led, top-down, exclusive, passive learning.

So, what is a learning circle to you? We often run an activity to help people define learning circles for themselves. Try out this activity with your colleagues and post your reply at the bottom of this thread!

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