Learning Circles

The home for discussing the nuts and bolts of learning circles and facilitation.


People are part of P2PU around the world! Here you can discuss issues and share resources related to your common local area.


The place to discuss P2PU-wide topics that don’t pertain specifically to running learning circles. Growing your own P2PU community, discussing how we operate as an organization, and planning future events are all fair game here.

Open Space

The place where you can post general topics or questions that may not fit the other categories. What’s on your mind?


The place for troubleshooting help and requesting features for P2PU software tools. Release notes are also posted here.

Recommended Reading

The place to share articles, tools, plug-ins, research, and videos that you think others will want to engage with.


The place to discuss how Discourse is used by the P2PU community.


P2PU Discourse discussions pre-learning circles, going back to 2013. This is visible to everybody, but topics are closed for discussion.