Should we have an activities category?

I’m thinking that having an activities category doesn’t make sense. “Activity” is a type of resource, like video or blogpost, more than it is a step in the learning circles.

I think that most of the group activities could be moved to the Facilitation category (think of the activities as responses to questions like “what if nobody talks?” or “how do I keep things relevant?”) while some of the activities geared more towards training like the Scenarios activity could be moved to Getting Started, Courses, Promotion, etc.

I reorganized one as an example here and I think it’s far more substantial than separating the question from the activity in separate categories.

@sharon @Nico_Koenig what do you think?

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I think facilitators might still want to just browse through the activities if they’re looking for things to do in their learning circle.

How would that be different from directing them here?

Or implementing a bookmark feature by which people can add activities to their learning circle?

The landing page shows tags now in addition to categories. I think this addresses the issue?

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