๐ŸŒš Wed Jan 29 2020 โ€” Facilitation Praxis

Youโ€™re invited to join P2PUโ€™s open community call about facilitation on Wednesday, January 29th, at 1 PM ET

What does it mean to facilitate a group discussion? What does good facilitation look like? How can we help each other be better facilitators? Blending theory and action, letโ€™s answer those questions together and talk about your facilitation praxis !

This call will be an informal discussion for anyone who is interested in group facilitation or improving their facilitation skills. Those joining be encouraged to share their facilitation strategies and philosophy, talk through different approaches and techniques, and also discuss current facilitation challenges they are encountering or worried about. All experience levels are welcome!

Please note! Our call aims to discuss the practice of facilitation and not the broader roles and responsibilities of a learning circle facilitator which often include performing outreach, finding space, using the p2pu website, and finding an online course.

How to join

Additional resources

Let us know if you can join by replying below.

Hope to see you then,



Using Google Hangout:

  • You can connect for free using your web video capability, built-in microphone, chatbox, or we can reach you by phone. There are no requirements to have a video or a microphone to participate.
  • We encourage you to make use of the chatbox if many people are attending.
  • Additional support for using Google Hangout can be found here.
  • You can test Google Hangout and use of your video camera using this link https://hangouts.google.com/
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I plan to attend the meeting!

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Itโ€™s on my calendar. Great timing.

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Planning to be there, although Iโ€™ve been plagued by tech issues lately, so fingers crossed!

And definitely interested in participating in future facilitation discussions.

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Iโ€™m in! Looking forward to chatting with yโ€™all.-Gwendolyn

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Attending this session. Looking forward to the discussion - Jennie

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I hope to attend, if tech cooperates and my current schedule holds. (It is possible I may be connecting just a few minutes late.) Looking forward to it.

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I am also at the Reference desk in the same time, hopefully, Iโ€™ll be able to attend.

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I will do my best to attend the call tomorrow!

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Sorry I missed the end of the session - I had an urgent call - but thanks all for a great discussion!

Hi all!

Thanks so much for joining our largest praxis call yet! I summarized our two discussions as facilitation FAQs on this forum and added a few additional resources to each question.

Please add any other resources or tips to these questions that I missed or that you would like to add.

Also, in the spirit of offering feedback and reflection, our discussion worked well when we were able to concentrate and discuss two issues. However, introductions with 18 of us went a bit longer than I had anticipated. I do like the casual informal part of the meeting, and how short it is, as there are no expectations to prepare or hang around for too long. Right now, I think it has been most beneficial to new learning circle facilitators.

Let me know how you think this call can be useful to you and your teams. Feedback in all shapes and sizes please :slight_smile: