🌚 Wed Apr 08 2020 β€” Facilitation Praxis: Online Facilitation

Recent promotional screenshot for an online learning circle on Job Skills being run by the Saint Paul Public Library.

You’re invited to join P2PU’s open community call about facilitating learning circles online on Wednesday, April 8th, at 1 PM ET or in your local timezone.

What’s it like to facilitate an online meeting? And, how is facilitating a learning circle online any different?

This call will be an informal discussion for anyone interested in online facilitation or preparing to move their learning circles online. Those joining be encouraged to share their online facilitation strategies and also discuss challenges they are encountering or anticipating. Many helpful tips, tools and real examples have been shared recently we can discuss together.

How to join

Additional resources

Let us know if you can join by replying below.

Hope to see you then,


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It’s in the calendar, so aiming to be there :+1: :vulcan_salute: :slightly_smiling_face:

I am new to this work, but am planning to be there! Looking forward to learning.

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I hope to be there. I am extremely new to this scene. I was still only in the planning/dreaming stages of launching an in-person learning circle, and now having to think about remote facilitation. Lots to learn!

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Hi Everyone,

Yes, Nico, I plan on being at the Online Facilitation Community Call on Wednesday, April 8th.

Thank you for putting this Community Call together,

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I look forward to meeting the community! I’ll be there!

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I plan to be there!

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I will likely be lurking, but am looking forward to this. The LC on COVID-19 looks really fascinating.

I haven’t hosted a learning circle yet, but thinking about it. Also interested in how this might work for book club discussion so please count me in.

Hope to be there - also wanted to share this as a resource I just stumbled across that I think will be hugely valuable :slight_smile:


Goodmorning, yes I will be attending. Thank you,

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I will participate

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I’ll be there, Nico.

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Joining and just forwarded to all Boston Public Library staff!

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La Veta Library was just discussing this! Perfect timing thank you! I will be attending!

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Is it still okay to join you now? I’m waiting for your permission to join you using Google Hangout link.

I got it. It’s tomorrow. I’ll be attending.

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I plan to attend and will be there.

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Wow! This is the meta-review of all online meeting resources out there. Nice to learn about the group behind this too: https://groups.io/g/f4c-response

Here’s a resource made by a librarian at Boston Public Library about online book club discussions: Tools to help you facilitate meetings online