How can we support each other to give feedback in a learning circle?

One of the critical values of peer learning is that feedback is necessary to improve.
P2PU encourages learning circle facilitators to consider using a critique and feedback activity and plus/deltas as ways that support a routine of offering feedback within a learning circle.

During a recent community call about facilitation, our group shared their strategies for helping people offer constructive feedback to each other. Here are their tips:

  • Make sure feedback is as precise. Ask for clarification or summarize what you hear to the group.
  • Make sure people are involved in the creation of the feedback process at the beginning. For example, if you are offering each other written feedback, make sure everyone is involved in creating the form and agrees to how they will use it.
  • Reiterate the concept of learning circles–we’ll all learn together–no answer is a wrong answer!
  • Model the perspective of “critique and create”. When someone has feedback to offer, encourage them to also mention a solution or suggestion for what they would like to see.
  • Ask for feedback as the facilitator. Ex: “Hey, look what I did, what do you think?”
  • Consider asking the group how they like to receive feedback. Ex: Using a whiteboard or flip chart, write down the ways people would like to receive feedback.
  • Model feedback that emphasizes the behaviour or skill, while distancing feedback from focusing on the individual.
  • Feedback should not always be considered as a negative opinion; it should also be about positive feedback or mentioning other settings or situations that might apply.
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