Weekly plus/delta wrap up activity

Learning circles follow a method: check-in, coursework, activity or group discussion, and plus/delta. Checking in and plus/delta are the bookends of a learning circle.


The last 5 minutes are spent by having everyone share one thing that went well today (plus), and one thing that we’d like to change for next week (delta). It’s up to the group to do their best to make sure everybody’s changes can be accommodated next week.

Some ideas to consider:

  • Ask instead what they want to work on next time?
  • Instead of talking in a circle, ask each person to invite someone else to speak next
  • Make up a fun ritual that everyone does at the end of a circle (ex: every tries to clap once as a group all at the same time to close the circle - it’s fun and hard - try it yourself)

Can you give me examples of the changes that someone might want to make for next week? Are these changes within themselves or for the entire group? The group must accommodate the changes deemed by individuals in it? I’m having a hard time understanding the ‘delta’ part and feel like I can’t explain it clearly to the group. The last LC I facilitated, this turned into ‘changes that the facilitator should make in her facilitation’ which didn’t feel comfortable. Also the group voted to not do any coursework in the LC which I thought was not completely the goal or method of the group, but I went along with it since it was unanimous. This time (my 2nd time) I am not going to give that option bc I’d like their to be some time during the LC for coursework. Please if you would explain what kinds of changes can participants make. Thank you very much! Donya

Hey @Donya_Drummond

Good question.

Generally, the “delta” is a time for everyone to think about how they would make the next meeting better. It might be hard to hear “the facilitator should do x, y, z” as that seems to be directed towards you. If it’s more about the facilitator organizing logistics, or sending reminders, then I think those suggestions are fine to receive if it makes the group function better, but anything else, you might try to encourage the idea that everyone has a responsibility to making the learning circle better - that’s the purpose of the delta - to find out how we can make this meeting better for everyone. With that framing, the delta is something the whole group should pay attention too.

Here are a few examples of deltas people might say:

  • I’d like for all of us to start on time
  • I’d like some dedicated one-on-one time from someone here to help me understand this thing I’m trying to learn
  • I’d like some time at the start present my work to everyone
  • I’d like to bring snacks next time
  • I feel like I’m speaking too much, this is a group discussion, so I’d encourage us all to ask questions next time
  • Can we review the course work on the projector next time together?

Interesting responses though. So, if they don’t want to do online course work, what are they hoping to do during their time together? Some type of structure or routine should be agreed to. I think if they have discussed their goals, and are supporting each other to reach those goals, then the course work is not mandatory if they don’t think it’s useful (especially if it was unanimous!) One scenario is that each member of the group has a responsibility to share a piece of work or exercise that may be useful.

Thank you Nico! This is helpful. Now I feel I can explain the delta better. The rational in not doing coursework during the LC was that “‘we’ rarely get to be in a group like this, let’s use this time for group activities.” Coursework was done on their own and to fill that time in the LC I found more group activities for them. I did ask them to help find group activities to share but no one came through. This was one time precarious though bc for one group activity, they rejected it and a group discussion ensued, but then at the end of the discussion they decided they could have or should have done the group activity I selected. So in a round-about way it was successful. Successful in that the discussion became the group activity. And a learning experience for me, most definitely.
Yea, they weren’t clear on the delta, I believe, bc I wasn’t clear and couldn’t talk about it with confidence. So this is good. Thank you! Donya

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