6-Week Working Groups Starting April 15!


Let’s support each other.

Given all of the enthusiasm and ideas that emerged from our April 8 community call, we’ve decided to start two 6-week working groups, in which we invite our community to reflect on and shape equitable and accessible education during this global pandemic.

Working groups will meet every Wednesday for six weeks starting April 15, with one meeting at 9 AM ET and another at 2 PM ET. Everyone is welcome to join either meeting time and as many dates as they like. There is no requirement to join every meeting, but you’re certainly encouraged to join them all :slight_smile:

Our agenda will reflect the interests of those who attend and will focus on creating online learning circle resources, practices, and support networks.


Sign up for your group of choice

When I click on the link for either group, I get the error message:

Not allowed to view this page
You don’t have permission to access the requested page. If you think that is an error, please report it on the forum.

Hi @Sarah_Trowbridge Sorry about that! We had the wrong sign-up links listed. Both of them should work now:

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Thank you very much, @Nico_Koenig! :nerd_face:

Thank you, Nico. Is it okay that I share this information on the online Basecamp Learning Circles Team I have created for LAPL folks?

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Yes, that’s fine @Rita_Romero!

Thank you @grif.

Much appreciated.