Introduce yourself!

Great to see you here @Linda_Feesey. I recently spoke to @Raymond_Chepkwony who is facilitating Linux Unhatched learning circle in Nairobi, Kenya. Happy to connect you to him when you like, but I’m sure Larysa might have plenty to say (Linux learning circles: Results from Toronto Public Library)

Hi Susan, great to connect! Is there an online space we can make for you and your colleagues to discuss ESOL and how it can be paired best with learning circles? @David_Rosen has written plenty of notes ESL/ESOL Learning circles and we could continue to share notes there too as you wish.

I am Yusuf Ganyana. I am in the IT space at Kenya National Library Service, Kibera branch.

One of my role is to increase digital literacy in the community and P2PU has been very instrumental in helping and making this a reality.

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I am Keith Cranwell and I work with voluntary groups engaged in developing children’s play and recreation and I am curious about how the relationship of education and play can be used to improve children’s play opportunities.

Hi, I’m Nuranga, lives in Sri Lanka. Working as a Systems Engineer and major on Linux, Cloud, Network and Security infrastructures. I’m curious to gather new knowledge and I’d believe I can achieve my goal. Happy to learn and join with P2P.


Hello Nuranga!

Great to meet you. How did you hear about P2PU? We’d love to help you run learning circles with Linux or any other initiative in your community. Here is a bit about what happened in Toronto, Canada using Linux that might interest you: Linux learning circles: Results from Toronto Public Library and questions about using the free course here: Linux Unhatched

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Hi Nico_Koenig , Thank you for the resources you have provided for me and appreciated. Usually I’m google for new materials where I can learn something. So, it’s basically I got my attention on P2PU as a suggestion on my search queries the Google. I’m waiting to enroll to follow a suitable course with P2PU as soon as possible.

Greetings from Akron, Ohio. I’m Barb White, Deputy Director of the Akron-Summit Count Public Library. We’re excited to pursue the possibilities of bringing P2PU to our customers, and look forward to learning from others working toward similar goals.

Hi, i am Glory, a cataloguing librarian in the National Library of Nigeria. I am eager to know how this platform can help my work as a cataloguer, using Koha ILS in our cataloguing functions and possibly be a facilitator.

Hi Glory! Welcome. We have colleagues here who have facilitated learning circles in Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia…but not Nigeria yet!

Hello everyone, I am from Brazil. Life is constant learning process, as everything we know is that changes happens all the time, we need to stay open to new knowledges and at same time to be available to transfer and use this knowledge to improve our community.


Hi @Keiichi_Minami! Welcome to the forum! Is there anything in particular that you are busy learning or think your local community can benefit from learning?

This is Sohail Ahmed 27 from Pakistan, I want to polish my organisational skills s I am Interested to peruse course in Data Analyses

Hi! My name is Jasmine and I’m hoping to facilitate a sign language learning circle. If anyone has any suggestions/experiences that might help I’d really appreciate hearing them.

If you can find a group of people in your area who are also interested in the same courses as you, you can learn together in a learning circle.

Hi @Sohail_Ahmed Good to meet you! Here’s one course about Data Analyses that is listed on our course page:

If you find a good course that can guide the discussion, we encourage you to start a learning circle together.

Let me know if you have any questions about starting one.

Hi @Jasmine_Harrison where do you come from? Here’s a discussion some learning circle facilitators have had about using sign language sign school course: American Sign Language Feel free to reply and ask any more questions there.

Here’s also the course some have used which is also listed on our course page:

Good luck,

Greetings to all P2P University Members!

I am Indra Lal Acharja from Bhutan. I am a graduate in Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Development. Currently, I work as a project assistant for COSMOLOCALISM project, funded by European Research Council and facilitated by P2P Lab.
Since I am a part of p2p network through p2p lab and after having read about p2p dynamics and its long-term vision, I found value in propagating the noble concept of P2P by engaging with experts and like -minded team.
I am hoping to understand better the underpinning of P2P Mechanism, its characteristics and the community vitality of p2p members.
Lately, I have learned about how common based peer production can serve as an alternative to centralized production system. And its sustainability features. Also, I am reading about digital commons, and Design Global, Manufacture Local (DGML) mode of production.

I am looking forward to interact, learn, and make friends here.



Greetings @Indra_Lal_Acharja

Fascinating work! Similar to what you are doing, we also believe knowledge can be shared globally but contextualized locally. However, I wanted to note that Peer 2 Peer University is not connected to P2P foundation ( P2P Foundation does great work and we share many similar values, but we are actually two different organizations which do not work together.

Hope you stay in touch though, as I believe our community could still learn a lot from cosmolocalism and any resources that you produce.

Great to meet you, Indra! I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Vasilis and @Alekos_Pantazis over the past year and I really like what you are doing. Please let us know if and when you think P2PU can support cosmolocalism!!!

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