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hola soy alverich, de Tirua, ing agronomo y hacktivista en chillan y maullin, fui oordinador del flisol en mi pais durante 2006 y 2007
miembro de LinuxChillan

Hi! I am Jill Moe I have worked in the area of educational opportunity programs and disability services for over 25 years. My passion for eliminating or reducing barriers to recreational, vocational, and educational opportunities is a common thread that runs through my life.

In the Fall of 2013 I began my journey towards earning my Education Doctorate in Learning Technologies at Pepperdine University. It will blend my passion for the field of Disability Services and building accessible pathways to learning.


Hello, I am david austin a director of and I am interested in setting up a MOOC to help people study the bible and learn how to be disciples of Christ. I have found your videos and lessons learned very helpful and I want to help promote the idea of open education across the internet.


Hi people, I’m new to P2PU, but it looks great … I live in Portugal but I’m going to live in London … I’m an amateur Ethical Hacker, Programmer … I can make projects in C language … know a bit of Python … Shell language … HTML … Basically I will do anything that is needed … recently I developed BOFS Framework but I ain’t released it yet … Any questions that you guys will have I hope I can helpp you all … I have many questions to :wink: that you guys can help me for sure … Greetings :slight_smile:


Welcome Dima! we’re glad that you are here.

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Hi Grif,

Andrew Chambers from Sydney here. I am well experienced with higher education, MOOCs, and student study skills.

I am interested in setting up a P2PU community or learning circle in Sydney to hep users of open learning.

Any suggestions on how to proceed? I do have some contacts at various Sydney based community hubs as well.

Any advice appreciated.

With regards,

Andrew from a warm Sydney…


Hi Andrew,
Glad you want to get started with Learning Circles!

If you’re looking to run a single Learning Circle, then I think the facilitator handbook is a good place to start to help you identify the course you want to run, find a good space, etc. If you want to to try and support a growing community of open learning in Sydney, then we’d love to help you get that off the ground as well!

A few steps that come to mind:

  • Forward the Learning Circles email you got on Saturday to these community hubs you mention and see if they would support you running a Learning Circle in one of their spaces.

  • If you know other individuals who might want to facilitate Learning Circles, I can share with you the framework for facilitation workshops that we run.

  • You can reach out directly to our board member, Delia Browne, who is based in Sydney and would be happy to speak with you about getting a P2PU community running in town.

Finally, if you want to run a course on open learning, then my colleague @dirk might have more to say on that, since he just finished working with the Open University and Creative Commons Poland on developing a course that targets just that! I’ll let him reply with more info.

Does this sound like a good place to start? We are really excited to hear from you!

Hola, soy Heriberto vivo en Colombia y estoy comprometido con la producción de conocimiento abierto

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hola Heriberto, bienvenido!

Hello all,

I am Pedro, a Brazilian living in Oulu, Finland, who is searching for a meaningful work based on my history as an academic researcher. I think I am long enough in my profession to identify that it is not my place.

I have many ideas of how to make the whole academic experience more accessible and based on openness. My most recent idea is to use P2PU as a start point where I would “facilitate” a course but going one step further: using my experience in research, I would invite all the participants to discuss about a real-world problem to be solved following whatever we learn throughout the course. The solution would be “published” as a research report (in open databases with discussion forums).

I also plan to contact my close friends - who I am sure share the same vision I have about scientific jobs - to carry out similar activities in the places they live. After the first groups, I expect to happen a kind of network contagion process and “Ponzi scheme”. People start doing the same thing, contacting more people and so on. As in a diffusion process, after a certain number of participants, the group would build several links in the network that have its own (uncontrollable?) dynamics. In this case, the only rule is that everything shall be treated as commons and non-profit in essence.

By doing so, I hope to cover all points that a university shall cover (and fails to do so nowadays): teaching, research and extension to society, but involving potentially everyone. Today most of the university elite (I am included) generally sees (i) research = paper or patents supported by companies, (ii) teaching = overhead where students just need the credit points and pass the exam, and (iii) extension = nothing. The academic life is how many papers and courses you taught, or how it is your score, or how is your h-factor, what is your grade, etc. A whole fetishistic world of numbers…

However, as a normal person far from the 1%, I (still) cannot dedicate myself to this plan (which makes me very disappointed time to time)…

In any case, I would like to share my ideas and start discussing about them… I have the tendency of long thinking without acting or talking.

I hope I can get in touch with many in this forum.

All the best

ps. My view can be generalized as follows: University exists to generate, distribute and use knowledge as commons, and shall be manage accordingly.


Hi Pedro, that sounds like a excellent idea. We’ve worked with another Brazilian academic researcher during some learning circles in Chicago. I haven’t seen if anything has been published yet, but might make sense for you to have a chat? I’ll forward this message.

Hei Dirk, thanks for your message! I think would be great to chat more. Feel free to forward the message as well :slightly_smiling:

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Pedro -
What you are mentioning sounds kind of similar to a project I worked on last year called JuryX, where people would come together and form discussion groups around issues important to them and then discuss/debate those topics. You might also want to check out the National Issues Forums for inspiration.

As we talked about on email, I think Learning Circles would be a great method for conducting your work. What sort of course are you thinking about facilitating?

Thanks for the links, I just had a fast look at them. The National Issues Forums are quite interesting!

I also believe the learning circles fits perfectly with my idea. At this point I plan to facilitate 2 courses: one about complexity economics, and Responsible Innovation. But, before I start anything, I will contact the public libraries (including the one at the university) to check how we could proceed. Maybe create a survey with the upcoming courses and check who would be willing to join…

I will be out from Oulu until March 22nd. When I am back, I dedicate myself on this here. I will be traveling back home in Brazil, where I am also planing to share my ideas with my friends there - I really believe that few of them would be very positive in helping. Let’s see how it goes…

Another thing I forgot to mention, I could translate the learning circles materials or any other related stuff to Portuguese.

Many thanks for the support!

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Hi, my name is Isger and I’m currently studying IT management and consulting and I’m a former student of psychology and computer science from Hamburg, Germany.

Besides that I explore the various manifestation of educational technology and extensions, including learning circles which I call learning spaces. I came up with a similar idea to learning circles both because of a personal need for peer-to-peer education to really understand and use the knowledge I gather and find a purpose for it as well as a quite pragmatic approach to reinvent public spaces to support community-based learning.

Currently, I’m working on the theoretical basis for the upcoming work I’ve to get done and hopefully find some support here! :smiley:


Hello Change makers.
I would like to build learning community for Nepal Youth.

Wish me luck.

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Hello All, I am an Education consultant at Quality Assignment. I have been also serving as
freelance academic writer from the last five years after completing my PhD in
Economics at UCL (University College London).

Hi @Francesco_Stefanizzi. Do you plan on using Learning Circles to support this? Let us know if you have any questions!

Welcome @DavidWright - Can you share a bit more about how you’ve come across Learning Circles and how you might like to work with them in the future?