Introduce yourself!

Hi @Keiichi_Minami! Welcome to the forum! Is there anything in particular that you are busy learning or think your local community can benefit from learning?

This is Sohail Ahmed 27 from Pakistan, I want to polish my organisational skills s I am Interested to peruse course in Data Analyses

Hi! My name is Jasmine and I’m hoping to facilitate a sign language learning circle. If anyone has any suggestions/experiences that might help I’d really appreciate hearing them.

If you can find a group of people in your area who are also interested in the same courses as you, you can learn together in a learning circle.

Hi @Sohail_Ahmed Good to meet you! Here’s one course about Data Analyses that is listed on our course page:

If you find a good course that can guide the discussion, we encourage you to start a learning circle together.

Let me know if you have any questions about starting one.

Hi @Jasmine_Harrison where do you come from? Here’s a discussion some learning circle facilitators have had about using sign language sign school course: American Sign Language Feel free to reply and ask any more questions there.

Here’s also the course some have used which is also listed on our course page:

Good luck,

Greetings to all P2P University Members!

I am Indra Lal Acharja from Bhutan. I am a graduate in Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Development. Currently, I work as a project assistant for COSMOLOCALISM project, funded by European Research Council and facilitated by P2P Lab.
Since I am a part of p2p network through p2p lab and after having read about p2p dynamics and its long-term vision, I found value in propagating the noble concept of P2P by engaging with experts and like -minded team.
I am hoping to understand better the underpinning of P2P Mechanism, its characteristics and the community vitality of p2p members.
Lately, I have learned about how common based peer production can serve as an alternative to centralized production system. And its sustainability features. Also, I am reading about digital commons, and Design Global, Manufacture Local (DGML) mode of production.

I am looking forward to interact, learn, and make friends here.



Greetings @Indra_Lal_Acharja

Fascinating work! Similar to what you are doing, we also believe knowledge can be shared globally but contextualized locally. However, I wanted to note that Peer 2 Peer University is not connected to P2P foundation ( P2P Foundation does great work and we share many similar values, but we are actually two different organizations which do not work together.

Hope you stay in touch though, as I believe our community could still learn a lot from cosmolocalism and any resources that you produce.

Great to meet you, Indra! I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Vasilis and @Alekos_Pantazis over the past year and I really like what you are doing. Please let us know if and when you think P2PU can support cosmolocalism!!!

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I’m Deb, I’m a librarian at a community college in New Hampshire, USA. I joined P2PU after hearing Grif speak at the Northeast OER Summit, and I am planning to join up with some others in NH to form a peer-to-peer group working through a course about open education together, hopefully in September. I recently learned about some of the systemic problems in the American justice system by listening to a podcast (Serial Season 3).

Hi @Deb_Baker Great to have you join us. We’d love to see learning circles start in New Hampshire. Which course about open education are you thinking of using?

I really enjoyed season one of serial, but I didn’t quite get into season two. I think I’m going to give season 3 a shot based on your recommendation! (Sarah Koenig has the same last name as me - a big bonus! )

Hi Nico,

Our group meets to finalize our choice tomorrow but I think we’re going to use [Learning to (Re)Use Open Educational Resources](

Enjoy Serial. I’m back to 99 Percent Invisible.

All good things,

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Hi,am David koech from kenya-Baringo County.Im grateful to be part of great men and women who are contributing substantially to the society.Here Iam to learn a lot especially to learn Kenya sign language so as to eradicate communication barrier that exist In Our society.

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Hello! I am Patrick Manning, a librarian in Ohio, U.S.A. I am working to facilitate a new series of P2PU learning circles here in the Buckeye State. I have moderated Socrates Cafes and other community discussions for a number of years.
We are hoping to present a new, exciting way of connecting with our patrons, helping them to learn, and building stronger social connections within the communities we serve.
Something I recently learned was replacing a connecting hose on a dishwashing machine for the first time.

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Glad you made it here, Patrick :slight_smile:

Welcome David! Many people have facilitated sign language classes before - I’m happy that you are here.

Hello. I’m Janice Radl, a public librarian in Northeast Ohio (United States). Over the past decade, I’ve facilitated traditional format, in-person author events and other community events. I am very excited by the P2PU concept and I look forward to facilitating learning circles in our community. Last spring, I started an independent study of chamber music. It’s a slow climb but I know the satisfaction of planning my own course.

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Greetings @Janice_Radl Glad to have you here! I think learning circles will certainly add to your pedagogical repertoire :slight_smile: You might also have some ideas to contribute to a recent post that I shared about learning models for some work with are doing with a library in Pittsburgh.

Might you also be working with Akron?

Greetings from Vaishali. I am Assistant Professor in Physics and want to create Open Educational Resources for the students who are unreached.

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Hi Vaishali, great to have you!

We would love to talk to you more about how to create more OER. Here are a few posts that might be useful for you to understand how we are currently approaching OER development:

Peer to Peer University – 16 May 19

Creating an open course with P2PU

Two of our objectives this year are to improve the learning circle training materials and to implement a better workflow for people who want to create open courses for learning circles. So in March…

Google Doc > Markdown script for Course in a Box Tech

We’ve outlined our process for creating online courses in a recent blogpost. We’re trying to get a sense of whether others are interested in / would utilize a tool that converted Google Docs to Markdown-formatted modules within a Github repo. So far we’ve developed: A script: A formatting template: P2PU Google Doc Template - Google Docs

Tell us more about what you are hoping to achieve, with which audiences and where exactly, and we’ll try to help you move forward,