American Sign Language


Hello Members!
I am based in Kenya - Africa. i have a personal interest to learn sign language and this has led me create the above class. There is a very slight difference with the Kenya Sign Language but i must admit ASL module is one of the most interesting and easy courses i have done. The videos are quite clear and easy to follow. I have just started and hope to complete.

I would which to hear the experiences of other facilitators running the same course or who have ever undertaken the course.


@PurityM which course did you use?

There are couple others who used a sign language course for a learning circle, however, none of them are using this forum yet. I will send a quick note of introduction and see if they can contribute.


@Nico_Koenig am using American Sign Language a course developed by Sign Language school. Amazingly they have developed an ASL app that can be downloaded on androids and apple


@katherine can you share with @PurityM that visual card-based app you found for communicating with deaf people?


@grif @PurityM – sure!

It’s called Cardzilla (for iOS & Android)


@grif @katherine Many thanks. Got it


Hello all!

I am the one who posted Sign School to the P2PU website and am nearing the end of the Learning Circle using Sign School. I have sincerely enjoyed using Sign School for the Learning Circle. I find the site itself to be really easy to navigate and understand. My participants who were a little better versed in computers found the program to be easy as well. For those interested in using Sign School for their learning circle I’d suggest hosting at least 8 sessions, as we are now going into our 5th session and have not yet finished the curriculum.

The only issue we ran into, which can probably be said of any language learning, is that since no one participating is fluent in ASL we do not feel as though we are getting enough practice in order to be as fluent as we’d like. As a result of this I am currently partnering with a local deaf-run nonprofit to hopefully bring in person ASL classes to our library as a means of continuing our learning past our learning circle.

Hope this helps!