Linux Unhatched

Hey @Raymond_Chepkwony I saw your latest learning circle using cisco network academy and Linux unhatched course and wanted to connect you to @Larysa_Essex from Toronto public library who already did the same course through Cisco as well.

@Larysa_Essex any suggestions for Raymond as he plans to support his group? His learning circle starts in March.

Hello Raymond! We are actually just in the process of our first Cisco Linux Unhatched learning circles. We are on day 2. We completed the Introduction to IoT course in December. One thing that I would suggest when using any of the Cisco Networking Academy courses is to add additional time to the suggested amount. We have planned for 4 weeks, but meeting twice a week form 1.5-2 hours. This allows for time for learners to ask questions, review terms and concepts learned, as well as ask related questions that may not necessarily be in the course. Now, this is of course dependent on the technical skill level of the learners… After only 1 session, we already know that of our 3 groups, 1 will definitely finish early, 1 may need additional time to complete the course, and the last 1 should end right about on time. It is always difficult to ascertain what type of learners you will get. At the public library we have people from all different levels of education, technical competence, literacy, command of English, etc., which makes it near impossible to be able to gauge what the skill level of participants will be! That’s ok though, we just adjust as we go, that’s part of the fun! Please feel free to reach out if you would like to chat!