Intro to learning circles slides

Take a look at our introduction to learning circles slidedeck presentation.

The goal of this slidedeck is to offer anyone with some basic knowledge of P2PU the ability to explain the learning circle model in a large group setting. In doing so, we hope that our community is able to better articulate learning circles and gain interest from colleagues, partners, volunteers, and learners. We imagine that this presentation could be offered at conferences, staff meetings, network meetings, meet-ups or public presentations.

It includes 23 slides which cover information about what learning circles are all about, ready-to-use learning circle tools, the impact of learning circles and details about our larger community. It is meant to be an introduction to learning circles but it is not ideally suited to be used as an in-depth training resource for new facilitators.

To use this slidedeck, we recommend the following:

  • Make a copy or Download (File>Make a copy or Download as)
  • Feel free to add your own slides or details offer about local context, needs or opportunities
  • Let us know if you’ve used them! Share any feedback on how to improve the presentation or share your own updated version in this thread.


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