🌚 Fri Jan 18 2019 — Community Call: Training Resources and Facilitator Onboarding

Learning circle onboarding training organized at Tampa Hillsborough Public Library in Auguest, 2018

Below is a summary of notes taken during the P2PU Community Call on training resources and facilitator onboarding held on January 18, 2019.

Megan’s Experience in Tampa

  • 3-hour training, designed as a learning circle
  • Online learning within the training; got folks confident to run the training
  • Helped to build buy-in with administrators
  • 10 learning circles so far from the training
  • Did a month-long public speaking learning circle for staff development as a kickoff
  • 3 hours was a sweet spot for length; may try to compress to 2 hours in future
  • Course topics: Tampa utilizing existing library databases (Lynda, Universal Class, Mango Languages for ESL and Spanish)
  • Additional feedback from Megan posted here.

Overview of P2PU Training Resources

  1. Half-day training agenda and slides (This is what Megan and Nico used in Tampa)

  2. Intro to learning circle slidedeck. Good for introducing the program to colleagues before training.

  3. Intro to learning circles video. Good for general introduction

  4. Juliana’s Organizer Guide This brand new! This is like the facilitator guide, but for organizers who are trying to onboard colleagues/volunteers.


Development of online learning circle course to be used in guiding you through in-person discussion and online learning

Community Feedback

  • Sherry - Online course is a perfect solution. Modelling and engaging people in a learning circle.
  • David - Is there a comprehensive way to view all resources/videos for helping training? Include elements that model the parts of learning circles: check-in, course work, activity, going over the past week, plus/delta, etc.
  • Al - maybe we could record a learning circle?
    • Marsha - I have had a lot of other library staff ask me to ‘sit in’ on my Learning Circles- I think a video or guide walking someone through what a Learning Circle can look like is a good idea
  • Megan - staff training learning circle was really helpful; allowed everyone to pause and check in when an issue came up; doing public speaking was cool because people learned something new, and also got to participate/experience a learning circle
  • Marsha - I really liked the activity we did at the last gathering where we had slips of paper with different scenarios, and we decided what a LC was and what it wasn’t- having activities like that in an online course would also be great.
  • Sherry - It’s sometimes hard to communicate how LCs differ from classes. Any thoughts of creating a short public-facing video introduction for learners? Slides and video have some good materials for the beginning of a learning circle; also a helpful way to explain to patrons. Not just about resources for facilitators, but also for learners!
  • Megan/Sherry - The public is still confused - a marketing tool for patrons, an activity for week one, a short video, etc.
  • David - I like the idea of libraries making promotional videos or promotions for the community: “learning circles periodically offered at the library”. Important for it to be grounded in the community. “This is a real thing that is happening in libraries”. Could be useful for facilitators as well.
  • Athy - Professional development learning circles: free reign to do what they want as long as they are doing PD; introducing model through the circle itself, and doing a course like grant writing, consumer health, etc. 20-30 minutes talking about the learning circle, then doing a course together, and then doing plus/delta at the end.
  • Learning circles create relationships between different branches that wouldn’t necessarily meet otherwise


  • P2PU Gathering will be in Boston in September!
  • Open Refresher Learning Circle 101 on February 26 - details to be posted soon!
  • Next Community Call: Friday, February 15 - 12 PM ET on Community Learning Assessment Strategies

In attendance

@Nico_Koenig, @grif, @SaraDixon and Noelle Barrick from Wichita; @aoliveras from Onondaga (Upstate NY); @Jennifer_Shipley and @Athanasia_Fitos from Miami; Steph Miller from Multnomah (Portland, OR); @David_Rosen from Boston; @Sherry_Lehane from Providence; @SteveFoerster from New World University; @Marsha_Malcolm from San Jose, @Roselyne_Odera from Siaya, Kenya; @Megan_Danak from Tampa