Will nobody help me?

For over a week now I’ve sought help to get my first badge added to my first course. Email to P2PU, tweeting to the channel, direct member contacts and posts to the forum are not getting any reply.

Is there anyone there? I’m really enthusiastic for the platform and its role. This is my last attempt to get a support conact as I can’t believe I am the only person getting an Internal Server Error and having the setup of a new course be impossible. It will be a shame to leave and be unable to advocate for such a good cause.

Help please.

Hi @niallq - It is not that we do not want to help, but we’re a small organization with limited resources and since the start of 2015 we’re focussing on learning circles. Unfortunately that means we’re not maintaining courses.p2pu.org or badges.p2pu.org any longer. It is likely that we will change both these resources to be read-only in the near future since it is likely that more things will break as time goes by.

All resources developed by P2PU is open source and can be found on our GitHub page. You are free to maintain the tools yourself if you have the capacity.

I am sorry to disappoint an enthusiastic supporter of the platform :frowning: