Bug Report Submission

Hi @vanessa and @dirk

I got an Internal Server error and the page suggested submitting a bug report. The topic linked too doesn’t allow new bug reports so I’m hoping this support topic is correct.

I’ve created a new course and a first new badge in badges.p2pu.org. I published the badge.

When I take the URL of the badge and insert it in the Badges and Feedback field for add badge, on clicking the submit button I get the internal server error. I’ve tried different browsers and different computers over the last three ours and I get the same behavior each time.

The badge URL is https://badges.p2pu.org/en-us/badge/view/910/

I can not send this badge to my Mozilla BackPack either - it gives me a different error message of “We have encountered the following problem: could not get assertion: unreachable” - perhaps that will help in investigating

Any chance of looking at this and seeing if there is a problem. I’m trying to setup a proof of concept for my team to use P2PU for our learning and knowledge sharing.