Why are learning circles needed?

Learning makes the world a better place. We can learn to improve our own life, our communities and the world around us. If learning is so great, why is it out of reach for so many?

We’re told that we need to pay to learn, that we need to learn on our own, and that what we know already isn’t important if it doesn’t come from a teacher or a book. We’re told it’s normal to not feel valued when we learn and that it’s okay if what you learn is not useful to you right away. We’ve been made to believe that a piece of paper that says that we’ve learned is far more important than if we’ve learned.

Wake up! It doesn’t have to be that way! We can learn better. We can learn together. We can support each other. We can use the internet to learn things that have value for us, not for someone else. Learning circles are desperately needed to cut through the old and ineffective way that we’ve been to told to learn, to create better spaces and better ways to learn that are equitable, empowering and liberating for us all!

What do you think? Why do you need learning circles? What problems do learning circles address?


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