What is an organizer?

P2PU has created free and open source software that can help you organize a team of learning circle facilitators. The people who coordinate learning circle team we call organizers but feel free to give yourself your own title (The ‘Wizard of 0s and 1s’ is taken).

As a learning circle organizer, you get

  • A custom URL for your team! This URL features all your team’s active or upcoming learning circles in one place which you can share with anyone (for example, take a look at Kenya’s page www.p2pu.org/knls)

  • Weekly updates from your team of facilitators. These updates include the number of learner sign-ups from each learning circle, a weekly team schedule as well as a summary of facilitator feedback.

  • Learning circle reports aggregated reports over time (Coming Soon!)

To see the technical details of how these components all work, https://learning-circles-user-manual.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html

Additionally, there are non-technical supports for organizers found in this Forum which include training resources such as detailed agendas, slide decks, and videos; promotional templates and feedback and testimonials from other team organizers across the world.

Who else is an organizer, exactly?

There are around twenty organizers so far (with twenty teams!) and we’re eager to keep this number growing. One of our first organizers was Kate Lapinski, the Learning & Economic Advancement at the Chicago Public Library. Kate has been training and supporting a large number of branches and librarians to run learning circles since learning circles started in 2015. Another well-known organizer is Juliana Muchaai, Principal Resource Mobilization Officer for the Kenya National Library Service. Juliana has grown learning circles from a couple in Nairobi to being a regularly run program found in 15 public library branches across Kenya.

Want to start a team?

Send thepeople@p2pu.org a message detailing your interest and plans, and we’ll do our best to onboard you and your team.