Welcome to the new P2PU!

If you wander over to P2PU.org, you might notice that things are looking quite different! :eyes:

We’re incredibly excited to launch this long-awaited update to our website. We took everything we’ve learned from 5+ years of learning circles and collaborated with the creative agency Code Rodeo to focus and spruce up our home base.


Notable changes:

:art: New look and feel! We’ve slapped on a fresh coat of paint and updated our visual language to include collages created from open-access imagery. (More details and resources to make your own collages are coming soon!)

:information_source: P2PU’s official Knowledge Base! Our resources were previously spread across multiple sources and were challenging to navigate and remember. We’ve merged everything into one place, now easily findable from the main menu.

:books: The Courses library is now known as Learning Resources: Our collection of community-submitted free online courses is both our most useful and most confusing resource to those new to learning circles. This is the first step in bigger systemic improvements to how our community shares and adapts educational materials for learning circles. On the same page, you’ll find our new…

:mag: Topic Guides! Recommended resources and practices for the most popular learning circle topics. These are a great place to start for new facilitators or those looking for inspiration.

:sun_with_face: And finally, announcing our new membership program: P2PU Teams! For organizations growing local learning circle programs, we now offer a sliding-scale support system that includes professional development, custom resources, and more. (The term “Teams” has existed in the P2PU world for a while, but it was unclear what they were or how to get one. We’ve fixed that!)


Aside from some new colors, the dashboard tools you use to manage your learning circles should still look and work the same.

These tools will receive some visual updates soon but we didn’t want to change too many things at once. Now that we’ve shared this update, we’re taking some time to make sure everything is working and looking just right.

We’d love your feedback!

Please let us know what you think. If you come across any issues or errors, please share them here or email us at thepeople@p2pu.org!!


@Becky_Margraf this looks great! The on demand program I recorded with @Jordan_Draves should be available to NYLA registrants on Thursday (will post slides on existing thread the day before). Hopefully you will see some increased traffic to the site from viewers.



Rock on, thanks Al! I hope the NYLA program is a hit. :smile:

I agree! I love the new look! It’s much more helpful and easy to find resources.


The new outlook is fantastic, as well as straightforward and intuitive to use.

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Congrats, this looks great!

Love the new Learning Resources page, the curated topic guides are really nice. And the whole site in general looks really good :slight_smile:

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