On Demand Session NYLA 2021 - Virtual Learning Circles

I have been selected to record a session on Virtual Learning Circles for this year’s New York Library Association Conference. The description for the program is very general:

This program will provide information on best practices, useful tools, and past experiences to assist in facilitating learning circles in an online environment.

I finally received a Doodle poll today with some dates/times for recording (toward the end of this month). Are there any specific P2PU resources folks can recommend (e.g., videos, docs, etc.)? I am aware of the P2PU Virtual Learning Circles Handbook - Google Docs. Also, if anyone who has facilitated virtual learning circles is interested in being part of a panel, let me know ASAP.

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Hi Al,

Congrats on being selected to present! One great tool I’ve found is The Change Agent online magazine made available by New England Literary Resource Center. It presents information related to social justice as well as teaching tips for adult learners.

Thank you for the info!

Hi Al, congrats! What kind of resources are you looking for? Things you can share during the talk or things that will help you prepare?

A few things come to mind:

  • The virtual handbook you linked is a good focused resource, though we’ve merged all of its information into our new general handbook that covers both in-person and virtual programs.
  • Andrea Herman shared a great detailed account of a virtual LC she ran about 2D Design with Inkscape. See here.
  • We merged the COVID-19 section of our forums into a Meeting Online section—might be worth a perusal to find some good stories, resources, and folks to talk with!


Thank you for all the information! It is helpful to know that the general handbook now contains the virtual meeting info. I only have 1 hour so I thought I would provide some brief info on learning circles with a focus on conducting them in a virtual setting, as well as have a Q and A with at least one practitioner. Unfortunately, I was not given a lot of lead time on recording dates (but there are still a few dates and times available). If you know of anyone who may be interested, please share my email. I would send them the questions ahead of time and accommodate whatever date/time they are available. I will take a look at the Meeting Online section as well.

I would be happy to provide the perspective of a volunteer who has created and run 14 learning circles. These have all been virtual with the objectives to learn a little and have some great conversations during our prolonged lockdowns.


Thank you for responding! I have another individual who has agreed to participate in a Q and A. Since it will only be a 1-hour program, I have decided to just stick with the 1-on-1 format for questions.

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Here are the slides for the on demand program @Jordan_Draves and I did for NYLA 2021 (thanks again Jordan!). Registrants are able to view the recorded program starting 10/28.

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