Recent Forum Changes (Dec 2021)

Hi everyone, just wanted to share a few changes we’ve made to the P2PU Community Forum in the last couple of days in case you get some email notifications or come back and notice things look a bit different!

Reorganizing Categories

We had a lot of subcategories that weren’t getting much use, so we’ve smooshed them together into broader main categories. What was previously “Learning Circles” and its 10 subcategories has been split into two top-level discussion areas: “Facilitation” and “Learning Resources” (née “Courses”).

Archiving Old FAQ Posts

We have archived a number of old topics made by P2PU staff, primarily those functioning as pre-2021 FAQs about facilitation and the learning circle software. Many of these old posts contained information or links that were no longer accurate. (See archived posts)

These FAQs have now been replaced by our new and primary canonical resource, the P2PU Knowledge Base. If you need anything, we recommend searching there instead. If you can’t find what you need or you’re looking for others’ thoughts, this forum is the right place to ask!

Visual Improvements

In line with our new website design, we’ve updated the fonts and colors a bit on the forums. Say hello to our new title font, Merriweather! :sun_with_face:

Hiding the Latest Posts

Our previous forum homepage showed all of the categories on the left side and the “Latest” posts on the right. It was an overwhelming amount of words to look at, especially if you’re new to this space!

We’re testing out hiding the “Latest” column on the homepage to make it easier to find your way into the category you need. You can still sort by Latest posts at the top of page:


As always, feedback about these changes is always welcome! If you have thoughts about how we can make this a better space for community discussions, we are all ears. :corn: