🌚 Wed Nov 13 2019 β€” Facilitation Praxis


You’re invited to join P2PU’s open community call about facilitation on Wednesday, November 13 at 2 PM ET or in your local timezone.

What does it mean to facilitate a group discussion? What does good facilitation look like? How can we help each other be better facilitators? Blending theory and action, let’s answer those questions together and talk about your facilitation praxis!

This call will be an informal discussion for anyone who is interested in group facilitation or improving their facilitation skills. Those joining be encouraged to share their facilitation strategies and philosophy, talk through different approaches and techniques, and also discuss current facilitation challenges they are encountering or worried about. All experience levels are welcome!

Please note! Our call aims to discuss the practice of facilitation and not the broader roles and responsibilities of a learning circle facilitator which often include performing outreach, finding space, using the p2pu website, and finding an online course.

How to join

Additional resources

Let us know if you can join by replying below.

Hope to see you then,



Using Google Hangout:

  • You can connect for free using your web video capability, built-in microphone, typing through the chatbox or we can reach you by phone. There are no requirements to have a video or a microphone to participate.
  • We encourage you to make use of the chatbox if many people are attending.
  • Additional support for using Google Hangout can be found here.

Added to my calendar :slight_smile: I hope to be able to make it!

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As much as I would like to attend I cannot due to desk time and also the start of my next P2P learning class. Is there anyway that notes or a recording could be sent?

Thank you,

Deborah Matthews

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Hi Deborah,

We’ll definitely be taking notes but I don’t think our intention is to record the session. I’ll follow up with you and others who are interested in joining afterwards as my hope is that we could find a time to do this again in December or January on a more regular basis.

Thanks for letting me know about your interest!


I’ll join! This sounds great, and I look forward to it. Woohoo!

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Thanks for this call about Facilitation! Great idea, I am signing up!
See you at 11:00 AM, my time in California.

I should be able to attend this. I will be at NYLA.

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@Nico_Koenig Nico, could you please have my Google mail address on your address book.

So I can login into the Hangout!

Pat Manning and I (from Akron) are both in a meeting at that time, but we’ve encouraged our facilitators to participate. Please keep us in the loop for further conversations. -Barb

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Hello, I am logged in but it seems that the hangout is not responding to the call. Is the facilitation already started?

Ok! I got in by dialing the phone number! However, the hangout is not working at least for me!

Sorry we missed you Eduardo! Have you used google hangouts with your browser?

Great first meeting!

If you would like join again or for the first time, the next praxis call is scheduled it for next month (NB one hour earlier). Full details can be seen here: Facilitation Praxis - Wednesday December 11

My intention is not to record these calls or take minutes, however, in the chat box there were some nice quotes that I would like to share without attaching names - you know who you are!

Facilitating is kind of like when a group takes a test and needs a person to walk around and ask questions.

Silence is really powerful - and introverts are ok with it :slight_smile:

About Vulnerability: https://brenebrown.com/videos/ and the name of the video is The Anatomy of Trust.

β€œCheck your baggage at the door” I think of it as trying to not β€œcontaminate” one context with the baggage of another context.

I think the [facilitation] strategies and tactics are basically training wheels to help you get started, and they fall away as you build your core skill and grow beyond the need for them.

β€œDisclose but don’t impose”

Hi, @Nico_Koenig I tried the link to the hangout but it did not work! Then I tried dialing the phone number with the code and I got in but just on listen mode. It seems that there was no line for voice participation. I tried to check-in but there was no response from the group so I limited myself to listen which was good. Since I am new to the group, maybe I should limit myself to listen more anyway, LOL!

It looked like you were on mute, so there may have been a button to unmute yourself.

Hope you can join next time :slight_smile:

Many thank Nico and everyone for a fascinating call, looking forward to the next one!

Also wanted to share a resource that might be useful - it’s a facilitation card deck available as a free downloadable PDF or as an app. I first encountered it at an incredible weekend workshop and have found it very valuable. Especially helpful in breaking free of linear thinking and processes - highly recommend it for anyone interested in facilitation :+1:


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Hello. This is important and interesting information I think.
Thank you for entrusting them to us. I followed your discussion.