Template messages to promote learning circles

In addition to flyers and online promotion, you may want to reach out directly to your partners, neighbors, and constituents through email or social media. Here are some template messages you can use to build consensus around your learning circle program.

  • Internal email template: Got a mailing list? If so, you might want to use this message to find potential learners.

  • External email template: Are there other organizations in your town that would want to know about the learning circle? For example, local historical societies will have members who are interested in history courses, and after school poetry clubs might be interested in creative writing learning circles. If your learning circle takes place in a venue that has a schedule, public calendar, or newsletter, ask the administrators if you can add a notice about the learning circle.

  • Facebook message template: Does your community use Facebook? If so, try this post as a first step. Remember, people get a lot of information via social media, so to be really impactful, post reminders to Facebook about once per day. Remember to tag any individuals, projects, locations or groups who you think might be interested in joining your learning circle.

  • Twitter template: If your community uses Twitter for sharing information, then you can use the two template Tweets below to get started. To really get noticed, you should tweet these messages at least 3 times per day, and come up with a hashtag so people can search for the messages (we recommend using #learningcircles). Remember to add the link to your Learning Circle website, too!

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