Please introduce yourself!

Hey everyone!

I am Drew McConnell, and I’m just a guy who thinks learning can change the world. I love to learn and help others learn. By day I may be found sitting in coffee shops designing courses to help K12 teachers implement learner-centered, tech-rich classrooms, but by night I may be found playing/writing music, training for triathlons, woodworking, programming mobile apps, hiking, investing in my local community, or whatever else may inspire me that day. I truly believe learning is a communal process of exploration, and through diverse, global, learning-centered communities we can envision and create a better world!

Hey @drewmcconnell! Welcome here! What type of music do you make? What instrument do you play?

Hey @dirk! Thanks! I make mostly instrumental stuff, which runs anywhere from easy, relaxing music to a more folkish sound. My main instruments are piano, guitar, hammered dulcimer and trumpet, but I’m currently trying my hand out at the banjo as well. Do you make music?

Wow, I had to look that up:

I’m learning to play guitar, for the past 10 years… :smile:

What type of world changing learning are you mostly interested in?

I’m a poet and instructor from Chicago. I hope to be able to share my experiences, expertise and ideas through an open course for all age-groups.

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Well we’re all still learning! I’ve learned that they key to musical instruments is to get good enough to appear as if you know what you’re doing haha.

That is a big question. I believe learning happens in social contexts and revolves around community issues and goals. I signed up for P2PU to see how it connects people around the globe based on mutual interest and common goals and provides them with the platform to learn and explore together.


My name is Grif and I am fantastically excited to be joining the P2PU team as the learning officer for the Knight Foundation / Chicago Public Library project. I’m currently based in Cambridge, MA where I am a member of the Learning over Education Initiative at the MIT Media Lab with P2PU dishwasher @1L2P. Something you might not know about me is that there is a man in London who has a tattoo of me wearing a bear hat.

Tally ho, Grif


¡Hola a todos! Me llamo Victor Assumpção, soy brasileño e tengo 20 años.
Vivo en Rio de Janeiro y estudo Derecho en la Universidade Federal do
Rio de Janeiro. Soy miembro del CEDITEC - Centro de Estudios de Derecho y
Tecnología - de la UFRJ.

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Bienvinido Victor! Lo siento por responder en espanol, pero intiendo muy poco portugues. (Eu nao falo muito portugues)

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Gracias Dirk.
Sin preocupaciones. Puede hablar Ingles si lo prefiere.

Hello peers,

My name is Robert Konsdorf. Currently living in Detroit, I work on web software and enjoy learning new things in my spare time. I have recently gotten involved in a distributed automated company called Bitshares and am pursuing creative ways for introducing the underlying concepts of the blockchain based, peer to peer network to others. Similarly to Bitcoin, it is based on blockchain & cryptographic technologies, but it secures the network without the large expenditure of energy using a consensus algorithm known as delegated proof of stake.

I came across this platform and joined to try out a course and try to build my own to introduce the world to these empowering peer to peer networks like Bitshares and maybe even others in the future. The community driven nature of this platform really resonates with the spirit of open source collaboration, and I think it could be just the ticket for on-boarding newcomers who want to harness the opportunity of the peer to peer revolution. Time to dive in!

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Hi my name is Michele. I am a lover of zombies, fast dance forms, ashtanga yoga and French language movies (with subtitles). I am an academic/researcher that has been approached by another MOOC but the costs for video requirements were astronomical! I wrote a book on health policy and systems thinking that I think would make a great course. Really open to opinions from all.

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Hi, I am Emily. I joined P2PU as a community organizer in Chicago, IL. P2PU has teamed up with the Chicago public Libraries to develop free in-person study groups for online learners. I will be facilitating the groups and helping develop the pilot program here in Chicago.

When I am not working at CPL, my life consists of volunteering with an amazing group of developmentally disabled adult artists as a studio manger and mentor, playing in an all female percussion band and helping curate art shows and lectures throughout the city.

I am thrilled to be on board with P2PU!

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I had no idea you were in a percussion band…do you have any videos online? Welcome, Emily!

Grif! I know we have clips floating around. I’ll scrounge some up for you. We are fairly new and just now getting the hang of social media and web presence (:

Hi, I’m a project manager for a trade union learning project in Wales, UK. We’re using P2PU as the platform for a number of online and blended learning courses at the minute. I’m exploring the site and discovering some issues at the minute.

My name is Belay. I am here to study an ancient Semitic language called Ge’ez or also known as Classical Ethiopic. I am originally from Ethiopia and currently reside in California, USA.

I am glad to be here…

Hi I’m Rene, a Software Engineer and Front-end Web Developer from Philippines.
There are many things that I love and would love to learn (MEAN Stack, iOS, C# .NET, UX/UI Designing, Learn French, Japanese, and more…).
So I’m here to check P2PU and maybe make some connections with people around here and also to enjoy learning and sharing.

So yeah, that’s all about it guys! :smile:

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How to make educational video tutorial OR teach online?