Please introduce yourself!

Hello? Is it [us] you’re looking for? 'Cause I wonder where you are. And I wonder what you do …

Please share one thing we might know about you, and one thing we don’t. Pictures are good. Movies of you singing karaoke 80’s pop songs are better.

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I am Philipp. I have been part of P2PU from the very beginning. I am the Executive Director around here, which is kind of like the guy who washes the dishes at the end of the party - but with a fancier name. What nobody knows about me is that I have published an academic article about the German band Kraftwerk, that is cited in the German Wikipedia entry about Kraftwerk. I am a nerd. Or a geek. Or whatever.


I’m Erika and I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I am a developer that writes Django apps and is always on the quest to make better usability experience for the user. Badges is my “baby”, so if you have a question about it I am the right person to ask. What you may not know about me is that I was a firefighter when I was in my teen years. Helped them with getting trucks prepared and hold the fort down for them was my main thing. Oh and I know how to sew and iron as well.

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I’m Dirk. I live in Durban, South Africa at the moment and I’m currently planning a move to Santiago, Chile. I work on all the tech stuff for P2PU and in general I’m the guy that takes the blame when things go wrong (normally it’s also me breaking it :smiley: )

I’m passionate about sharing knowledge in an open fashion, but I approach it from a practical standpoint rather than an idealogical one.

I enjoy being challenged and trying out new things (recently took up surfing, busy learning Spanish and playing guitar, electronics, etc). I think it’s important that we are deliberate about furthering our own knowledge, skill and understanding.

Blah, blah,blah, this is starting to sound serious :smile: so I’ll stop.


I’m Bekka. I’ve also been here since the beginning, when @1L2P suckered me into running a course and doing stuff that we felt was too boring to ask volunteers to do.
Since then I’ve done a little bit of everything (except the hard stuff that @dirk and @Erika do) and am now focussing on writing up the things we’ve learned over the last 3 years into real research reports.

I’m also a PhD student in Digital Humanities at King’s College in London, and you may not know that in my chequered past (when I used to be cool) I was a sex columnist for several magazines back in my home country of South Africa.


I’m Tim. I live in Massachusetts, USA. I’m still not really here yet and most people wonder who I am whenever I show up, haha. I’ve been slowly trying to get involved as much as life allows and I’ve worked on a couple things with some of the SOO facilitators.

Something you don’t know: I’m really hoping to have more time to contribute (in any way) now that a major, time consuming life event has passed; I got married 2 days ago! So, off to Jamaica and then I’ll be back with more time!


Yeeeey CONGRATULATIONS @tghaverchuck88!!! :dancers:

Congratulations Tim!

@1L2P & @Erika Thanks!

Hey all, José here; have organised a couple of courses and also written a couple of lines of code. Not having any time lately to contribute, but will be back… eventually!

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@Jos It’s shocking that we work in the same building and still haven’t had time for a coffee. Stop by next week. I’ll make us a coffee in the LEGO Lab.

@1L2P shocking indeed!
I don’t hang around the media lab much (except for 1 meeting at the same time that the community call, and the odd ping pong game!), but the Stata is about 3 minutes away, so there’s no excuse really. I’ll ping you next week and call over.

I’m June. I’m an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland and I do some data-stuff and some research stuff with P2PU (see here: My professional identity is here:

One thing you don’t know about me. I do, in fact, love singing karaoke 80’s pop songs in korean “no reh bangs” (translated: singing rooms).


I’ve been been teaching and learning ever since I graduated from Hunter College, CUNY in 1983. Early in my career, I helped to start University Heights Secondary School in the Bronx, NY, one of the first Coalition of Essential Schools. Along with my colleagues, I learned that doing school better didn’t have to be the same-old, with more effort. We replaced grades with portfolio assessment. We re-thought subjects and departments with cross-disciplinary, project-based teaching teams. And we taught multi-aged groups of students without regard to age.

At University Heights Secondary School, we dared to ask what school would look like if we stopped using Carnegie units or credits, gave no heed to seat-time requirements, developed projects that went beyond subject-areas or disciplines, never summarized learning into grades, avoided tests, and stopped separating students by age. This was my “golden age” as an educator, a time that I probably remember more fondly than it was, and that I am always trying to recapture.

After teaching at University Heights for a dozen years, I moved on to work with English Language Learners at the International High School in Queens for a few years, and I worked as a technology teacher for a time, before returning to teaching English. Currently I teach in a blended learning program at the Bronx Academy Senior High.

I have been the Tech Liaison the New York City Writing Project (NYCWP) for over ten years. In 2003, along with +Chris Sloan , +Susan Ettenheim, +Natalie Bernasconi, +Gail Desler , +Patrick Delaney and colleagues in other local sites of the National Writing Project, I helped develop Youth Voices, a school-based social network where students develop, display, and discuss self-directed digital projects, and where teachers build and collect curriculum together. I have also been one of the co-hosts of Teachers Teaching Teachers, a webcast and podcast that has been broadcasting live at every Wednesday since 2007.

This summer, along with New York City Writing Project colleagues, +Grace Raffaele, +Jim Nordlinger, +Noah Gordon I will be co-facilitating a Youth Voices Summer Program that brings together 18 high school students from different schools in the Bronx (and a couple in Queens) and 5 Bronx teachers to develop interest- based, passion-fueled, multimedia projects that will give all of us new experiences in making and learning more about connected learning.


I’m Vanessa and I’m the Mad Learning Scientist at P2PU. I like hoodies, yoga mats, and sneakers. I am a geek who has recently come out of the geek-closet, so please be gentle to this here n00bie. :smile:

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I’m Jane. You all know me already! I wrangle volunteers for the School of Open and also work full time for CC doing various things as part of its education program. I’ve been part of the P2PU community as a volunteer since 2009, though I started liasing officially with it in July of 2012. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! I’m Christina. I’m new to P2PU; I’m helping to organize a “Why Open?” course for the School of Open, which is my first deep work in P2PU. Previously I engaged in some conversations and reviewed some courses in the School of Open.

I teach Philosophy at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and I blog at both (my academic blog) and (my ds106 art blog. If you don’t know what ds106 is, you can check it out at (I can’t put in a 3rd link, apparently, but there’s no “www” before it.))

What not very many people know about me is that I was a college radio dj for many years, as an undergrad and grad student. Also, what many people do know but you probably don’t is that I just came back to Vancouver after living in Melbourne, Australia for a year on sabbatical, a place I loved as much (and maybe a bit more) than Vancouver!


Hey @clhendricksbc - Great to see you here. Radio DJ, huh? That’s awesome. We should have a weekly P2PU radio playlist. Doesn’t DS106 have a radio show?

Hi Philipp–yes, ds106 has a radio station, but I haven’t yet learned how to broadcast on it. And I’m woefully behind in new music these days; I tend to just listen to the same stuff I bought like 10 years ago! I hope to listen to more of ds106 radio and other internet radio stations (that’s so great that that’s possible now!) to get some new music finds!

My name is Colby. I am a college student studying Computer Science and I enjoy learning and would like to increase my skills as a programmer/ web designer. P2PU seemed like a good place to learn so I decided to join and check it out.