Please introduce yourself!

Hey @cpjobling! That’s great! I see you already started working on Course in a Box. Don’t worry, we don’t disqualify anyone :slight_smile: Feel free to ask any questions you have about Course in a Box. Looking forward to seeing what course you are building.

My name is Kevin - I am a twenty-five year old with a few degrees who has learned one thing - degrees don’t mean that much. I am hungry for truth wherever I can get it. I love groups like this who are willing to give and take.

What you probably wouldn’t guess about me is that I am studying to be a priest. I am finishing up a rough internship after arriving with very little practical preparation for what I would face, and I have been asked to develop training materials for future generations of interns. Hence the P2PU. From what I have seen so far, I am loving it!

I am Tim. I work in Iowa City, IA teaching high school. I am passionate about helping students become excited life long learners, seekers of knowledge, creators, and inventors. I am looking to complete my candidacy for an Open Networked EdD using P2PU’s ON PhD model. The primary focus of my research will be creating a relevant path of learning that will be considered acceptable as an EdD from a brick and mortar or online institution. I am a curious learner and I believe that I can self-direct my way to a better EdD than I could get by paying thousands of dollars to an institution.

Hey @scholzet, welcome! Sounds interesting. Pardon my ignorance, but what is an EdD?

Hey dirk! An EdD is a doctor of education like a PhD is a doctor of Philosophy. With an EdD the emphasis is on practical applications to action research and qualitative research vs. quantitative. Basically, less emphasis on research for research sake and more emphasis on research that causes practical implementation in a classroom setting.

Hi! I’m Jose and I’m a librarian on Long Island. Libraries are changing, and I’ve decided to take it upon myself to learn as much as possible about education, motivation research, and environmental factors to motivate people to learn forever. I’m deeply diving into this without much knowledge, but I hope that I can learn something! It’s the beginning of a long and fruitful road!

What you might not know about me is that I was a career librarian, helping people find jobs from the library. I helped, interacted with, and explained applying to jobs online to tens of thousands of people who found themselves frustrated and discouraged with using computers to apply for jobs. My goal is to make the process of using the computer as seamless and frustration-free as possible, especially with regards to people with disabilities and people with Limited English proficiency. English is my second language!

Hiya, everyone. Clarissa here. Brazilian EFL teacher interested in connected learning experiences. Taking up Dave Cormier’s proposition to fork #rhizo15 soon. Learning the ropes of course-in-a-box. Close to zero experience coding so this should be messy. :blush:

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I am very grateful to have come across P2PU and then the Webmaker Training project where I have connected with Lucy. I think working with the Mozilla/P2PU community is the best way to accomplish my goals. Here I am finding the tools I need to get what I am looking for completed - its just a bit overwhelming to navigate without a map from people who are already plugged in so I am looking for people who wish to help me are able to let me know what I need to do and how until I get better at working with the community.

To get my Webmaker Builder badge I’ve completed a Teaching Kit on the design and development of your website. Based off the article, “Talking to your web designer - Part One” and “Dark Patterns Are Everywhere: How to Stay Informed and Keep Them Out of Your Nonprofit Website” using the development of my website as an example

Request for feedback:

Currently the slider on the Gods of Mayhem page has 4 mood images.

What do these images say to you?

In your own words, what do the following statements mean to you?
Taking the Trash out of gaming
Keep Chaos and Manage Mayhem
We want to make you WATCH eSports

Do these statements fit into the idea the mood images gave you?
Do you know what a wireframe is?
Do you think the wireframe relates to how the site feels or how it works?
What kind of information would you expect from a site that aims to show you how to make money in eSports?
How to be a professional player?
How to get funded, sponsored - paid salary?
What are the opportunities: player, coach, caster, personality, analyst, event coordinator, social media, etc.?
Is it necessary to create a new and specialized community or just be able to have your viewers connect to each other (hashtags or twitter lists)?

I am open to help the P2PU staff - just have to hold my hand and lead me for awhile so I can get the hang of it :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone, I’m Chris, living in United States. Happy to be apart of the fun learning web design and development. I have and architecture degree and art and animation degree. Hoping to leverage some common principals in both to produce awesome websites one day :smile:

Hey @Nique_Devereaux - I must admit the idea of eSports is still a new one to me. I like playing games, but I struggle to not get hooked when playing games, so in general I avoid games. I had a minor MineCraft binge a while ago - I counted it towards cultural education :smile:

Welcome @chris_hagens - where in the states are you living? Seems like you studied a lot! Looking forward to see what you come up with!

I don’t blame you. It’s us socially awkward people who found machines better friends than people. Not all gamers are like that - it’s my story. Mostly, I;m doing this to express all the feelings, explore the curiousness and find my strength. I think I missed some steps during puberty and I want to get the wisdom of those lessons.

Using games as a focus, its a niche so trying to explore the market is …an adventure, a learning experience, a challenge I feel more comfortable talking about myself in such a context when it comes to selling my skills. It doesn’t feel so dirty this way.

By the way, have you seen the open edx platform? I thought the site presentation might help you to understand comments I made about the density of the P2PU site.

Have a great day!

Hi. I am Jacob Rivera. It is a pleasure to meet you all. I am a year new to the autodidact community. I live in Hollister, California, and I am excellent at English Composition

Hi team!

I’m hoping to create a web-based course for clinicians on Reflective Practice. This is basically a 1 hour session where doctors come together (in person usually) to read a piece of literature, discuss it and write about the theme (example: making mistakes, professionalism, self-care, etc). This could be scaled up to a wider audience (and include nurses, social workers, patients and family members) by creating an online community, course and perhaps even a train-the-trainer section. I’m applying for a grant from the Arthur P Gold Foundation for this. Although this is aimed at medical folks, most of the themes transcend career type.

Is anyone out there working on anything similar?



Jim Lebret, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Medical Humanities
Director, Inpatient Code Team Leaders
Fellow, Institute for Innovations in Medical Education
NYU School of Medicine | Bellevue Hospital Center

Welcome @jimlebret and @Jacob3997!


My name is Miguel, I am from Lima (Perú). I work as Instructional Designer, Multimedia Developer and eLearning Consultant… and I love it!

I grew up as X-Gen, but I think I am a “knowmad”. The P2PU idea sounds great for me, so here I am to learn from you.

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Hi there everyone,

I run a digital skills/digital literacy learning project for UNISON, the UK’s largest public service trade union. I’m looking into e-learning platforms at the minute, and as a massive Open Badges and Mozilla fanboy, P2PU is top of my list.

I’m interested in anyone’s experience of using P2PU to convert offline training courses into e-learning or blended learning resources, and any mechanisms for engaging adult learners in group discussions and activities online.

I’m basically here to explore, and possibly build a course.

I moved a post to a new topic: How can we make mooc or educational content by p2p concept of medicine subjects

Hello everybody. I’m a teacher from Russia. I hope it’s I’m looking for. I want to improve my English. I believe I’ll find friends too.

I think we should discuss medicine problems in diferent countries.