Please introduce yourself!

I am Elisabeth , live in Greece and just saw P2PU. Some things about me :smile: : native Greek speaker, two university degrees in German literature and culture , fond of foreign languages ,literature, philosophy, history, MOOC courses, edx ,continuous life learning, traveling and yoga ( of course :relaxed: ), reading also a lot in French and currently learning Spanish. In a couple of months I am immigrating with my family ( 3 kids) to U.S.A , in Boston MA. I like to try out , whatever is offered by the vast ,globalized , learning world and share ideas , too !

@almanean - welcome here! You should totally get in contact with @grif and @1L2P when you’re in Boston. Rumour has it that @1L2P knows all the best places to eat in Boston.

Dear @grif,

Welcome to P2PU :grinning: What steps should I take to gain access to these learning circles in Chicago as a researcher? I would be honored to conduct an ethnographic case study of these groups. Thank you.

Hi, my name is Anna and I am excited to be working with the P2PU team on the Learning Circles project this fall. I am originally from Finland, but have called Cambridge, MA, home for the past 5 years. I also started my studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education roughly 1,5 weeks ago – exciting times! For the past few years I have worked and volunteered in developing childcare programs in my community among other things, attempted to learn how to master the craft of making the Finnish style 100% rye sourdough bread, and started learning Spanish together with my daughter.

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Hi, it’s Michael from Redding, CA, a teacher and poet and web developer. I am here to find Best Practices resources for the classroom and to connect with like-minded individuals.

My name is Jorge Barrero. I am a consultant in IT issues. I am willing to provide hetp to online learners, as this will be tomorrows education, but today.

Hello change makers
I am from Canada. I would like to build peer-to-peer learning communities for Nepal.

Wish me luck.

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Hi @jorgebarrero & @Francesco_Stefanizzi! Welcome around here! If you haven’t already, have a look at Learning Circles - face-to-face study groups hosted by anyone with the goal of completing an online course together. There is also a Facilitator Guide available to help you get started. Currently that is the best way to get involved with P2PU.

I’m Ron, and I live in Austin, Texas, USA. Should I begin by confessing to being an octogenarian? Probably I should, but despite my age I still enjoy learning; and I have signed up here because I came across P2PU’s excellent tutorial on Scilab.

Keep up the good work!


Hey Ron - Welcome to P2PU! Great to meet you. This community forum has quieted down a bit over the last few months, but we are hoping to start it up again.

This is so nice initiative

Hi. My name is Luis, but you can call me Lucho. I’m from San Ignacio Guazu, Paraguay (South America), working as IT consultant, and in time to time writing a blog about the impact or problems using ICT in my country.


I am Santiago from México City, where I currently work at a digital rights organization (R3D) as investigation assistant. I also make music. I like being helpful. I am new at P2PU.


Hello, I´m Daniela Vega. I work as a journalist in the Chamber of Deputies in Chile. I´m about to start the course Internet abierto and I’m very excited of learning a little more about this.


Hi, everyone. My name is Juan, I’m 26 years old, I studied Journalism and currently I work in the Communication and Digital Contents office of ARTICLE 19 –an international human rights organization, that works for the defense of freedom of expression and right to information. Very excited to participate in this course. Also, motivated to learn new things that can improve our work.


Hello everyone! My name is Flor Bianco, I’m 27 years old and I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I studied Communications at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and I am currently working for the National Direction of Internet Policy and Development at the Ministry of Modernisation.

I’ve just started the Open Internet Course and I’m very eager to learn more about this and other related topics. Hope to read you soon!


I am a Wiki Faciltator
I help the poor and marginalized by helping them learn using the free resources online, with the support of Hello Little World Skypers (HLWS).

I founded Women of Wiki. I have trained a group of women to use Skype and video conference with socially isolated senior citizens

to help alleviate social isolation of the seniors. The Women of Wiki also add school students to The Conversation Club to help the students develop language skills.

WOW use Duolingo as they collaborate and learn different languages.

Most are volunteers. Some get an honorarium.

Michael Soskil, one of the Finalists at Global Teacher Prize sent me his support to Women of Wiki’s vision and mission.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, Women of Wiki is making a difference - globally; thanks P2PU and similar visionaries.