Please introduce yourself!

Hello This is me Ujjwal Thapa, postgraduate of Environmental Science from Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu. I have been a researcher of water quality assessment for about two years and seeking to learn new skills of research in the field of water and forest carbon.

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Hello, I am firefighter Thomas from Ohio, i am a fire instructor. my main goal on this site is to introduce young people to the fire service.


Hello, I’m Jhonatan from Lima, Peru. I’m an Analyst for a software company. Interested in electronics, robotics, artificial intelligence and the Arduino platform.

@JoaoMenezes - Great to see you here! What do you think about the new look and feel (homepage / discussion forum / blog)?

Wow! @EMA911 - that’s a great idea. What do you have in mind for introducing young people to the fire service? I think most young people already think the fire service is pretty cool. How could you help them get closer / involved?

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Hello, my name is Wouter and I’m form the Netherlands. I’d love to teach some of what I’ve learned at school about Physics, Maths, Biology and Science. Furthermore, I’d love to do some research on the web for making a course about genetics and epi-genetics!

Great to see you all here! Ciao!


Hello @Wouter_Lakerveld! Welcome! We do have some communities running on P2PU that could use your help.

If you’d like to build your own community, we have a few resources to help you get started:

Our reports:

Our (beta) course builder:

Welcome to P2PU!

Hello, my name is Cassiano, I’m from Brazil, working with marketing and front-end and also I teach kids about web development in public schools as a project of the University I go. Actually I am looking for something interesting to learn and stuff like that. I discovered P2PU from GitHub for Education that retweeted John Britton’s tweet (he looks exactly like Greg from Everybody Hates Chris serie.

Hey @cassianomon , welcome! You may want to look into the Mozilla Webmaker community, they focus on helping people ‘teach the web’!

We are also working hard on this project. It is just about ready to share and invite feedback, but the URL may change in the next few days.

Btw, I’ll be in Sao Paulo & Rio later this month, where are you based?

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hi there, i am Gourav from India. Trying to learn new stuff on Knowledge sharing for Teaching… :slight_smile:

My name is Matt McLean. I’m a music teacher at the Little Red School House in Greenwich Village, NYC and I’m the founder of the nonprofit Young Composers & Improvisors Workshop.

I live in Brooklyn!


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Hello! My name is Beckah! :slight_smile: (These smiley faces are awesome…) Thank you @vanessa for showing me this portion of P2PU!

I found this community because I was originally inquiring how I could help on the technical side of things with P2PU being that I think Open Education in incredibly important for a variety of reasons. I originally learned to code through a youtube video series and have been able to learn even more from a variety of (all free) online resources. Whether it comes to open source or open education, overall my big motivator is that all knowledge should be free and accessible by anyone.

So, for anyone wondering who the heck I am, I just started my 3rd year of college majoring in Software Engineering in Providence, RI, US of A. It’s a very tiny state so I am not at all offended if you don’t know much about it or where it is for that matter. However, what you are missing is our famous Del’s Lemonade and Big Blue Bug that is huge, overlooking the highway, and that we dress somewhat frequently.

When it comes to programming, I started off with C/C++, know an okay amount of Python, but I am a really big Java fan. I’ve worked with a little bit of Javascript and very recently learned about the magic that is Ruby through a RailsBridge workship 3 weeks ago. For anyone interested you should definitely look to see if they have any FREE workshops in your area. :smiley: Just google “RailsBridge events”, and a ton of stuff will pop up. I would include the link but I can’t put more than two and I think Dels and the big blue bug definitely warrant their own link. Reppin’ the 401.

Less formal stuff-- I like cats, watching Bob’s Burgers, and Netflix binges.
Please don’t be afraid to say hi! I would love to get to know all of you in this pretty awesome community. If there is any way I could assist technically with the P2PU platform, please let me know. :slight_smile:

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Hey @beckah, nice to meet you! Any friend of @vanessa is a friend of mine! I also have a background in C/C++ and made the transition to Python. I think Java is a bit different now, but I have bad memories of the ESB straight jacket I had to wear for a while :smile:

Wrt things that we can use help with, we are working hard to make our tools more modular and easier to use and self host for non developers. One example is that is a course to step people through creating a course using Jekyll and GitHub Pages. We would also like to split the current Mechanical MOOC into it’s constituent parts and make it easier to setup and configure.

We have some other ideas also and would love to hear any ideas you may have. If you want we can have a chat over a Google hangout or skype to talk about it. I’m sure @Erika would love to join the conversation.

Hi Joao, nice to see that there are other Brazilians in this community :slight_smile: I am doing a PhD in Communication and Digital Media in the US (North Carolina), but I miss Brazil a lot. Did you develop the interface for P2P? Good job.

Oi Cris! Welcome :slight_smile: I didn’t develop the interface but I contributed to some UX design aspects of earlier versions. Ping me if you need anything!

Hey there, P! I really enjoyed the change in approach, focusing on building/making/creating, very inspiring. I’m very happy to see the results. Sorry taking longer to answer, I just got the notification now.

Kind regards and ping me on anything as always.

Hi I’m Alvar from Argentina. You might know than I’m Spanish speaker so, sorry for my English :blush:
I want to build Linguistic Connections between educator to share or pedagogical and cultural ideas.
Right now I’m translating the course-in-a-box to use it as framework of a planng-in-a-box idea.
So I will be bothering with a lot of technical and educational things :smile:

Hi I am Zufi - cofounder of StartupReady.Net - . We are looking to generate a free version of a Business Support Provider course here. It would be great to have your input. Learn from your expereinces of how to engage the user and how to leverage the platform.

So far its been a bit daunting - just not sure where to start, what is available, etc.

Look forward to your thoughts and support.

@amaciel welcome here! looking forward to the questions and hearing from your experiences. No apologies needed for bad English, a lot of people around here (including me) speaks it as a second language.

@Zulfiqar_Deo - welcome! Create a new topic with the basic idea for your course, then people can leave questions and suggestions for you there. Also, have a look at to get started with building your course.

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@dirk Thanks for the direction. I have just started a new thread - Creating a course for Startup Support Providers . It would be great to get some thoughts and comments. I have also had a look at the get building the course - but seem to get lost very easily there.