Please introduce yourself!

Hi, folks!

My name is Henrique Soejima, here is some stuff:

In a short way my Life Vision, wroten at 2007: “To leave a legacy for Mankind in Education and Medicine” tells about my destiny.

At the present, my journey is at a money-for-living stage, I’m trying to figure out how to connect my love for digital product management, beta organizations movement, complex systems, human complexity & diversity with a step into Education area… Specially for Brazilian Basic Education scenario…

About Medicine, I expect to start my studies from ground when 45. With no money-for-living worries…

I’m on the way…

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Hey, All,

I’m Schuyler, and I’ve been slowly nudging my way into traditional academia for the past several years. Lacking a degree of any sort has been a bit of an impediment, but for some reason I continued to seek validation for my research from traditional institutions. Then, @vanessa asked me “Why?” and I’m yet to come up with a concise answer that wouldn’t require the guidance of a therapist to uncover.

So, I’m excited to dive into P2PU and learn this very other way of pursuing education. I’m embarking on creating a course now centered around the history of security. I had a somewhat rigidly structured class in mind, based on papers and lectures I’ve worked on for years, but having been through some of the topics on the site, I’m letting go of my structure and am looking to recruit some participants who can help me form a new plan together.

Very glad to be here!

OH! And here’s a picture of me on Wheel of Fortune:

Gah! I apparently can’t upload attachments, so here’s a link to the introduction clip instead:

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Hey @shoebox happy to have you here. HUGE fan of your proposed course.

Schuyler is working with us to beta test the Social Learning course :smile:

Welcome @shoebox ! I am pretty sure I am not going to be able to resist calling you Motown.


Hey @shoebox - Will there be a competitive lock-picking module?

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@tim Hah! You are welcome to. There are a select few who do.

@1L2P My passion is in security anthropology/security engineering. Sadly, despite having the chops, I’ve found teaching picking doesn’t thrill me enough to pour that amount of effort into producing a MOOC based around it. That said, if ever we wind up in the same place at the same time, I’d gladly show you the ropes :slight_smile:


I don’t think I ever introduced myself here :wink:

I’m Laura, I know many of you. I’ve dipped in and out of activity with P2PU over the last couple of years and am currently working on the next iteration of P2PU and Mozilla’s School of Webcraft, which is now called Webmaker Training. I think it took some time for Webmaker to find it’s groove, but now that it has, I think we have loads to do together with P2PU and the schools you all are shepherding.

All of our communities cross and mix and mingle. @jane, @vanessa and I have been chatting about finding better ways and working harder to cross pollinate, so I’m happy to be here, excited to be learning from all of you and looking forward to supporting your work.


Glad to have you on board discourse Laura! :smile:

Exciting things are coming of Mozilla/SOO/CC/P2PU collaborations – in addition to Webmaker Training we hope to launch SOO Africa launch activities in conjunction with Mozilla Maker Party in September!

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hello p2pu!
i do webdev for a living, and for play.
more importantly, i believe in openness and transparency.
i’ve found this magical tender spot in my life: where everything i love, web, tech, openness, and free culture are coming together.
i love open knowledge, open data, etc.,

the platform is the browser!

free software

happy to be here!


Hi, My name is Bec and I’ve just completed the first challenge of the Webmaking 101 P2PU course.
My blog is

I am currently studying through Evocca College via distance education with the intent of successfully completing a Diploma of Website Development. I saw this course as a way to expand on the current education I am receiving and hopefully gaining variations of the set curriculum.

Evocca College is a highly professional education provider and you can view their website at Should you choose to enrol in one of their courses please alert them to your referral being from Rebecca Hansen.

I look forward to sharing this journey of discovery with you.

Bec Hansen


Hi Im Adam Bush!
I started working with P2PU a few months ago-- but have long admired their ethos and impact
Im a co-founder of College Unbound and on the board of Imagining America – both of which work to challenge notions of how public work is recognized, assessed, and valued both inside and outside of higher education institutions
Im a big fan of @vanessa and @1L2P and others here (but it would only let me tag two) and excited to keep finding ways to overlap
stay tuned!


Welcome @asbush!

Hi i’am Tom and i’am very intrested with traveling and meeting new people


I’m Otabeck) from Uzbekistan ) i’m 22
i live in a capital of Uzbekistan,in Tashkent city)

hi where r u from?
im from Uzbekistan n u?

I am Tolulope Ogunwobi. I run an ICT enterprise because I believe that connecting the world and fostering cooperation amongst people with technology will radically improve all our lives.
I was once a Nigeria national chess team player.
I am currently coordinating a course on this platform titled “Use of Information and Communication Technology for the Economic Prosperity of Nigerians”. This is the link
Your contribution is invited.


Hey Tolulope - Great to meet you. I think you are the first national chess team player in the P2PU community! Maybe at some point, we can have a chess related course … that could be cool.

For those who don’t know me yet, I’m João :slight_smile:

I’m a designer from Brazil focused on UX. I’ve been a volunteer for both Mozilla and P2PU since 2010. Although I don’t show up as many times as I wish, P2PU occupies a very special place in my career. Feel free to ping me if you need any user experience recommendations.


Hi everyone,

My name is César García. I work as a sysadmin for Madrid City Council and I’m involved in several projects like running Internet of Things meetups in Madrid, opening a makespace and igniting some courses on p2pu about Internet of Things. I’m also engaged into Fablab network and Internet Society Spanish chapter.

Something you might not know about me… After three years studying Chinese, I started East Asian Studies and focused my masters degree on Zen Buddhism. To gain deeper insights around the topic, I started psychology studies were I became interested in social psychology, learning, hierarchies and finally p2p structures.

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