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Hi @Fajro we welcome lurkers, but if you want to tell us a bit more about what is triggering your lurking than we can show you more of what you need :smile:


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Hi, I am Jeannette. I am a co-facilitator with Christina Hendricks for the Why Open course. I also took the Wikisoo class earlier this year. I teach traditional (without technology) and digital literature and writing classes. I am interested in Humanities Education Technology and all things open. I would like to facilitate another course, take more open classes, and generally participate in promoting open educational initiatives.


Hello Jeannette! Warm welcome to

I’m Vanessa, your friendly Learning Lead, and I <3 the humanities. We’ve had some good ones on before, such ask @bekka’s cyberpunk literature course and I did a few poetry workshops back in the day.

Let us know what you have in mind for your course, and we can help recommend resources and promote for you!

Hey Jeannette - We’re interested in a large writing course. @vanessa is wrangling that project and can tell you more, but that might be something to get involved in. Welcome to P2PU!

I joined P2PU because I’ve found my course discussions not very stimulating. I attend the College of Idaho here in Caldwell, Idaho. I hope someday there will be some sort of aggregated learning system, where I can enter the ISBN or topic of a book I’m researching and I’ll be able to find others who are studying the same thing. Publisher’s “support” sites are very outdated and usually filled with students asking me to do their homework for them.

I’m surprised how long it has taken education methods to grow out of the standard classroom lecture/notes/test model. I’m excited about what is possible for future education.

By day, I work a retail job selling computers and my top strengths are inclusiveness and ideation.


@learningmore welcome! Your idea sounds interesting, gathering people around existing resources. It would be interesting to think what something like that can look like

I’m Anna and I’ve been hanging around P2PU for about half a year now, but I just didn’t have time to create a proper account here. Now that I’m having my short winter holidays, I could get down to it at last. I love the idea of p2p-learning and open education and I find the initiatives developed by P2PU absolutely adoreable. Not only did P2PU play a major role in encouraging me to actually start learning things that were really new to me, it also has been a great source of inspiration for developing p2p-learning projects based on the mechanical MOOC principles in my native language, which is Russian.


@ansakoy So nice to see you. Welcome to the crew :smile:

2014 is going to be HUGE for P2PU. Ready to gear up?

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@vanessa Thanks Vanessa! And it’s great to see you too.
2014 is going to be HUGE in many respects. I’m sure it’s going to be very productive for P2PU. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot of new things here and I’d love to be as helpful as I can.

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That’s a good idea. Something a little bit like it is Open Study. Communities are arranged around common college courses (rather than ISBN numbers). But I am sure publishers would also be interested in building community / social networks around their books and publications.

Hello! I am new to this forum but long a part of learning communities. I am hoping to adapt a few of my classes for online learners. I love open source, open education, open access. I think this forum could be a great match in the making. Where to start? With a name perhaps? I am Darshan.

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Welcome @darshancampos ! We are also adapting an existing course for online learners. Our course is about building wireless sensor networks

Which kind of courses are you involved in?

Hello Jaume,

I am looking to adapt two classes. One is intro to internet studies, and the other is race, gender, and science fiction. I have taught both as hybrid courses; one I’ve taught entirely online.

My research and activist background is mostly in community education - learning that takes places in museums, libraries, festivals, etc. I also have many years experience teaching in traditional university classrooms, and two years working in high school. Here, I am hoping to create better interdisciplinary classes that are open to all with internet connections and have a strong interactive component.

Do you have 1, 2, or 3 suggestions for someone as new to p2pu like me?



I can recommend you what I am doing right now. Taking the course “How do I make a P2PU Course?” Maybe that’s too obvious, but I wanted to mention it just in case XD

Hey @darshancampos. Welcome! This is not a definitive 1,2,3 - but something to get started:

  • create stuff, ask feedback and share ideas here.
  • take the course on creating a course like @jaumebarcelo said
  • look at some of the reports we’ve written about assessment, etc.

Perfect! Thanks @dirk and @jaumebarcelo! I will start with the course on creating a course and read a few of the assessment reports. Simple, easy, direct. Big appreciations. - Darshan

I wanna learn java course

Hey, welcome to thepeople!

This is the forum for the P2PU community where we talk about the things of interest to us - generally open online education, but straying off topic in good spirit is encouraged :smile:

Feel free to participate in any conversation or start new topics. If you wish, you can introduce yourself here.

We don’t have any explicit rules around here and we’d like to keep it that way - in general, don’t be a #$@#

On to happy conversations!

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