Please introduce yourself!

Hi, My name is Bec and I’ve just completed the first challenge of the Webmaking 101 P2PU course.
My blog is

I am currently studying through Evocca College via distance education with the intent of successfully completing a Diploma of Website Development. I saw this course as a way to expand on the current education I am receiving and hopefully gaining variations of the set curriculum.

Evocca College is a highly professional education provider and you can view their website at Should you choose to enrol in one of their courses please alert them to your referral being from Rebecca Hansen.

I look forward to sharing this journey of discovery with you.

Bec Hansen


Hi Im Adam Bush!
I started working with P2PU a few months ago-- but have long admired their ethos and impact
Im a co-founder of College Unbound and on the board of Imagining America – both of which work to challenge notions of how public work is recognized, assessed, and valued both inside and outside of higher education institutions
Im a big fan of @vanessa and @1L2P and others here (but it would only let me tag two) and excited to keep finding ways to overlap
stay tuned!


Welcome @asbush!

Hi i’am Tom and i’am very intrested with traveling and meeting new people


I’m Otabeck) from Uzbekistan ) i’m 22
i live in a capital of Uzbekistan,in Tashkent city)

hi where r u from?
im from Uzbekistan n u?

I am Tolulope Ogunwobi. I run an ICT enterprise because I believe that connecting the world and fostering cooperation amongst people with technology will radically improve all our lives.
I was once a Nigeria national chess team player.
I am currently coordinating a course on this platform titled “Use of Information and Communication Technology for the Economic Prosperity of Nigerians”. This is the link
Your contribution is invited.


Hey Tolulope - Great to meet you. I think you are the first national chess team player in the P2PU community! Maybe at some point, we can have a chess related course … that could be cool.

For those who don’t know me yet, I’m João :slight_smile:

I’m a designer from Brazil focused on UX. I’ve been a volunteer for both Mozilla and P2PU since 2010. Although I don’t show up as many times as I wish, P2PU occupies a very special place in my career. Feel free to ping me if you need any user experience recommendations.


Hi everyone,

My name is César García. I work as a sysadmin for Madrid City Council and I’m involved in several projects like running Internet of Things meetups in Madrid, opening a makespace and igniting some courses on p2pu about Internet of Things. I’m also engaged into Fablab network and Internet Society Spanish chapter.

Something you might not know about me… After three years studying Chinese, I started East Asian Studies and focused my masters degree on Zen Buddhism. To gain deeper insights around the topic, I started psychology studies were I became interested in social psychology, learning, hierarchies and finally p2p structures.

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Hello This is me Ujjwal Thapa, postgraduate of Environmental Science from Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu. I have been a researcher of water quality assessment for about two years and seeking to learn new skills of research in the field of water and forest carbon.

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Hello, I am firefighter Thomas from Ohio, i am a fire instructor. my main goal on this site is to introduce young people to the fire service.


Hello, I’m Jhonatan from Lima, Peru. I’m an Analyst for a software company. Interested in electronics, robotics, artificial intelligence and the Arduino platform.

@JoaoMenezes - Great to see you here! What do you think about the new look and feel (homepage / discussion forum / blog)?

Wow! @EMA911 - that’s a great idea. What do you have in mind for introducing young people to the fire service? I think most young people already think the fire service is pretty cool. How could you help them get closer / involved?

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Hello, my name is Wouter and I’m form the Netherlands. I’d love to teach some of what I’ve learned at school about Physics, Maths, Biology and Science. Furthermore, I’d love to do some research on the web for making a course about genetics and epi-genetics!

Great to see you all here! Ciao!


Hello @Wouter_Lakerveld! Welcome! We do have some communities running on P2PU that could use your help.

If you’d like to build your own community, we have a few resources to help you get started:

Our reports:

Our (beta) course builder:

Welcome to P2PU!

Hello, my name is Cassiano, I’m from Brazil, working with marketing and front-end and also I teach kids about web development in public schools as a project of the University I go. Actually I am looking for something interesting to learn and stuff like that. I discovered P2PU from GitHub for Education that retweeted John Britton’s tweet (he looks exactly like Greg from Everybody Hates Chris serie.

Hey @cassianomon , welcome! You may want to look into the Mozilla Webmaker community, they focus on helping people ‘teach the web’!

We are also working hard on this project. It is just about ready to share and invite feedback, but the URL may change in the next few days.

Btw, I’ll be in Sao Paulo & Rio later this month, where are you based?

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hi there, i am Gourav from India. Trying to learn new stuff on Knowledge sharing for Teaching… :slight_smile: