P2PU Annual Course Cleanup! October 18 12PM ET


Join P2PU for our course cleanup! This working group meeting is open to everyone and will be Friday, October 18th at 12 PM - 2 PM ET (when does this happen in your time zone?).

Let us know if you plan to join by replying below!

Topic and Agenda

Over the past four years, P2PU created a list of 300 online courses specifically curated for in-person learning environments. We’ve created a number of systems to make finding courses easier for everyone (see history of courses page below), but we think we can do better. One simple solution: clean it up!

Together, we’ll spend time reviewing our course list to ensure that we are featuring the best courses. At the same time, we want to throw away junk courses like those with bad course ratings, that no longer exist, are now behind paywalls, or are straight-up spam!

Learning circle experience is not necessary, but those who join should have an interest in the state of online education and addressing the challenges we’ve encountered . Some experience with using Excel or Google Sheets will be needed. Depending on people’s availability and interest, we may schedule a couple more working meetings.

Meeting Details - October 18th at 12 PM - 2 PM ET

History of P2PU Courses Page

  • P2PU worked with Chicago Public Library in 2015 to create a list of 30 or so reasonably good and easy to access online courses for use in learning circles. We also created a few suggestions for finding other online courses too.
  • We opened the initial course list up so anyone could list the courses they used for their learning circles, and added 50 or so more. This became the P2PU Course Page - take a look!
  • In 2018, we noticed the quality, paywalls and licensing of online courses were becoming less equitable and open and we envisioned a better way to find and create courses for learning circles.
  • Based on feedback we received through community calls, we added details about each course, ratings, sorting features, filtering options, and created public-facing evaluation reports.