Learning Circle Insights are now available!

Since April 2018, we have been collecting feedback surveys from learners and facilitators at the end of their learning circle. Now, the data and comments from those surveys will be consolidated into a report for each learning circle.

Here is an example of what the report looks like for a completed learning circle (right click and open the image in a new tab to zoom in):


Where to find the learning circle report

Facilitators can access the report for each of their learning circles from their dashboard.

Two days after the last meeting of a learning circle, the report will be sent to the facilitator, any team organizers, and all the registered participants by email.

Updates to the survey emails

We’ve updated the timing of the emails we send out to invite learners and facilitators to participate in the survey at the end of a learning circle.

Two days before the second to last meeting:

Learners and facilitators will receive an email with the link to the survey. This gives everyone some time to complete the survey, and it gives facilitators an opportunity to remind participants to take the survey or even make it part of their final meeting.


Two days before the final meeting:

We’ve added an additional email to the facilitator two days before the last meeting as a reminder about the survey. It’s an opportunity to send a direct reminder to the learners or incorporate the survey into the last meeting. We’ ve even included an email template and the contact information for the learners who haven’t filled out the survey yet.

email screenshot

Two days after the final meeting:

After the final meeting of a learning circle, we’ll send out an email to the facilitator, the learners, and any team organizers. This email includes a preview of the Learning Circle Insights report and a link to the full report.


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Here are some of the first reports that we’ve been able to generate with this new tool:

Abdikadir’s Public Speaking in Meru

Jorge’s Java Programming in Chicago @Jorge_Garcia

Rob’s Intro to HTML and CSS in Detroit @Rob_Germeroth

Jordan’s Learn to Write Fiction in Boston @Jordan_Draves

Jordan’s Learn to Write Fiction: World Building in Boston @Jordan_Draves

Joan’s Basic Computer Skills in Meru @JOAN_NJOKI

Susannah’s Learning Tinkercad in Cambridge @Susannah_Borysthen-T

Alexis’ Basic Spanish in Kansas City @Alexis_Burns

Joseck’s Intro to HTML and CSS in Nakuru @Joseck_Kweya

Miriam’s Basic Computer Skills in Thika @Miriam_Mureithi

Susan’s Art of Storytelling in Virginia Beach

Miriams’ Intro to Computers in Thika @Miriam_Mureithi

Elizabeth’s Art of Storytelling in Meru

Melanie’s Puerto Rican History & Culture in Cleveland

Kirsten’s Intro to JS in Boston

Patrice’s Start Writing Fiction in Chicago

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I like to keep this information in excel so I can easily refer back to it without logging in. Anyway, as I’m now looking in depth at the last three surveys that have been done for my learning circles, I’m finding some interesting information.

1.) The completion rate, is only for those who take the survey, which is important to note. 100% of 19 participants did not complete an 8 week course last fall!
2.) I love that this does tell me how many people took the survey. I’m saddened that so few do fill it out. I’m also wondering, as I write this, if I could have the link to the survey so that I can send it out myself in a final email to help get more results?
3.) The number of total participants here is the total number that have not officially dropped the course. The last class I did, I had 28 people registered by the start date, but apparently 3 dropped the course after that, so the survey lists 25, but my attendance sheet has 28!

Just some interesting things I’ve noted so far.

Thanks for these insights @Jordan_Draves! Regarding your second point, you should get the link to the survey…the week before the learning circle ends, there is an email that comes to you with a list of people who didn’t fill out the survey and a link to forward them. Perhaps we integrated this feature after your fall learning circles ended.

@dirk is there anywhere else that Jordan can find the survey links to their past learning circles?

Of course there’s an email. I get a lot of emails during my learning circles and often skip over them because they’re the reminder ones that I don’t need to pay much attention to, which means I probably just missed the important ones. I’ll go back through my inbox and see if they’re there. Thanks for letting me know! There really is no need to reinvent the wheel. lol.

I think it’s not a bad idea for you to have access to those links from your facilitator dashboard too. I’ve added it as an issue for a future feature here: https://github.com/p2pu/learning-circles/issues/370

I just searched my email and I didn’t find the one with the link or any of that info, so I don’t know if I accidentally deleted it or or what.

@Jordan_Draves thanks for all the great feedback!

There was an error that kept some emails from being sent, it should be sorted now. I see that @grif sent you the links via email.

I do however agree with @grif that the links should be available to the facilitator in a place other than just the email we’ve sent. We’re planning some dashboard updates, so hopefully you’ll see the links somewhere soon :slight_smile: