Invitation to UX Working Group

Invitation to join our User Experience (UX) Working Group

We’re updating our team pages and we would love to get more input from facilitators. To that end, we’re creating a User Experience (UX) Working Group! This group is for anyone interested in sharing their experience and contributing ideas or feedback to our ongoing development efforts on the P2PU platform. Our first task will be to decide on how to display past/closed learning circles on the team page.

If you’d like to join the group, you can learn more and sign up here:

Hey there @aoliveras @SaraDixon @Jordan_Draves @Rob_Germeroth @Athanasia_Fitos

You’ve shared some great feedback about some of our features before, are you interested in joining the UX group? Do you know anyone else who might be keen to join? Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Nico- Count me in. Let me know when and where and how to prepare!

Hope you are keeping safe and healthy.



Hi Nico, I’d be happy to contribute where I can!