Mockups for showing completed learning circles on team pages

Hi everyone,

This is a follow-up to my first post on showcasing past learning circles, which we talked about in our first meeting of the UX Working Group.

We’ve put together some mockups of what these changes could look like, and we have more questions for you! Please take a look and let us know what you think :face_with_monocle:

Here’s the link:

At this point we have a pretty good general idea of what we want to do - show all of the team’s learning circles, past and present, and make it easy to navigate to the most relevant ones. We still have some questions around the following aspects:

  • How should we categorize learning circle availability? ie. simply “registration open” vs “registration closed”, or break it down further with “in progress” and “completed”?
  • Should we include past/closed learning circles in the search results by default?
  • When your learning circle ends, what do you want to share with others on the website? Photos, video, notes, something else? We’re not planning to add any new functionality for capturing artifacts from learning circles right away, but it’s something we’d like to do in the future so this is the first step in thinking about how to go about doing that.
  • I think registration open/closed is sufficient.
  • I do not think that past/closed learning circles should be included by default (only if there are no other search hits)
  • With regards to sharing content after the learning circle is completed, maybe handouts, lesson plans, video, class picture, list of additional resources.
  • I think I’d actually like a combination of the two versions: it’s nice to have the tabs so that users aren’t distracted by learning circles they can’t join, but maybe when they click the “All” tab, the LCs could be sorted like they are in version 2. I liked being able to quickly scan the page and clearly see the headings “Registration open,” “In progress,” and “Completed.”
  • I agree that past/closed learning circles should not be included in the default search.
  • Everything you and Al listed sounds good to me. Perhaps if the course is project-centered (e.g. Build a Website), there could be a place to post students’ work too.

It sounds like there is a clear consensus forming that we should default to only signup-able learning circles.

I’m interested in @Rob_Germeroth’s suggestion: I also think that the tabs work nicely and are a good way to give people a landing page that only highlights actionable items. However, it’s still a little hard for me to wrap my head around an “all” tab, as in my mind, tabs should be mutually exclusive. There is definitely something nice about seeing past learning circles populate below the list of active learning circles rather than appearing on a separate tab.

If “in progress” and “completed” learning circles are going to show up, then they definitely should not be on the landing page. That will only confuse folks. I agree, that having everything clearly marked, is great. Maybe the tabs could be “registration open” and “registration closed” (which would include those currently running and those that have finished.) That would eliminate some of the tab confusion if one of them is “all”.

I think if folks can search by “in progress” they’ll get the idea that they can join in something that’s already started. Maybe some learning circles are flexible for that, and some facilitators are okay with that, but it won’t work for all LCs!

I sort of like the idea of adding photos and comments to a completed circle, so future learners can get an idea of what to expect. I think it would take a little effort on the part of the facilitator to remember to snap a photo and to ask learners for comments to add to that section, but once in the habit, perhaps it would stick and be easy to do.


I like the simplicity of registration open/closed!

I like “registration open/closed” too.

I also agree about being clear on what “in progress” means. Typically, I let people join an LC if they missed the first week, but only after touching base with me so they know what they missed and how to be ready for the second meeting. I’m not sure whether it’s worth indicating that users could contact the in-progress LC’s facilitator for more info, or if it should just say “registration is closed,” full stop.

my pleasure to joining with you