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Hello everyone, my name is Edgar Ornelas. I am from Mexico, but now live in Paris. It is here that I organized my first Learning Circle. I am an EdTech student and have experience working as a teacher, as psychotherapy and project coordinator for educative initiatives.
I love the idea behind Learning Circles and now I am looking forward to organizing more Circles around the city.


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Hi, its my first time interacting with a virtual community around educational topics. We don’t have P2PU community or learning circles in my city. In the future I would like to be involved in creating one. I am interest in learning of others experiences.

Maria from Ecuador.


Hi Maria!

We have a community list serve that would probably be a better place for you to help get learning circles started in your city. If you’re interested in this, you can join here:!forum/community

Hope to see you there!

– Grif


My name is Jonetani Nasilasila Jnr, I am originated from Fiji and i am 16 years old. I do love
music, both playing and singing.
i also love to teach people what i learn. ~ that’s my email address
please do get in touch with me if you need more information!

thank you!


hello my name is abhishekkaushal. i am from delhi.


welcome everybody
My name is Kamal from Algeria I have 47 years of age I want to teaming to this impact and I am new here, what can I take advantage of this


Hi Everyone!
My name is Purity Kavuri-Mutuku I am a senior librarian working at Kenya National Library Service, Nakuru-Kenya. I am a facilitator of learning circles in our branch. This is the very first time fr a public library in Kenya to introduce learning circles hence i hope to learn tips on how to motivate people to join P2PU


Hello all,

My name is Aneeq, I hail from Hyderabad, India. I graduated last year and have been dabbling in the education space ever since.

I am currently looking to create a Peer Learning Course on the Basics of Programming

While I have a decent idea about the content that it will comprise of, I am a complete novice in the idea of peer learning. To begin with What are the fundamental design considerations in a Peer-to-Peer course?

Would love to interact with everyone here.



Hi @aneeq - have a look at It’s a course that steps you through creating a peer-to-peer course. It covers the technical aspects to create an online course and also some design considerations for a Peer-to-Peer course. I wouldn’t call it an extensive guide on “the fundamental design considerations in a Peer-to-Peer course” though :slight_smile:


Hello to all !! New member on this community.


Somos Desguaces La Cabaña (ver sitio web), un grupo de desguaces repartidos por la zona norte de España, especializados en la baja de vehículos y en la venta online y física de piezas de recambio de segunda mano.


Hey guys,

Started using the platform yesterday and I’m quite impressed so far! Good choice of learning stuff and very intuitive.

Couldn’t see a ‘Whitepaper resource’ though. Has anyone found one?




Hi there @Robinson , I’m glad you’re finding it useful! You can’t find a whitepaper resource because there isn’t one. What are you looking to find?

Also, you should know that there is a more active community discussion for learning circle related work here–>!forum/community


@grif i have found the resources i was looking for on Retailwire. Thanks for sharing community link. Good to see the engagement this community is enjoying!


Greetings from the Boston Public Library in Boston, Massachusetts! My name is Jessica Elias and I oversee our group instruction classes at our library branches. We’re really excited to start to facilitate a few Learning Circles in the Spring; as this will help us be able to offer group learning on topics and subjects we haven’t yet been able to cover. In particular, we are really looking forward to incorporating classes that would benefit our large groups of new Bostonians and English language learners - from everything to practicing English to covering Citizenship topics - as Citizenship and Immigration have been areas of major focus lately, I believe this would be a strong benefit for our users. Looking forward to more discussions here!