Introduce yourself!

Warm greetings from sunny Finland! :sun_with_face: -Tuulikki


Hi everyone! Greetings from Finland :slight_smile:


hello everybody from Cologne,
I am very happy to join the team and soon become a supertrainer for LCIL :slight_smile:
good to see you all today !!
Take care, Petra


Hello everyone from Warsaw. I just met a bot and said hello :slight_smile:


I’m glad you’re on board and that we get to work together virtually and–keeping 2 metres apart at all times–in person.


The Learning Circle in libraries sounds fascinating. Our Shared Reading group is now online but ideas are flooding in for post Lock down activities. Many of our members are in their 80s and 90s!


Happi Day Everyone : ) !
I’m so excited to join this new group! I joined because I’ve been out of the workforce for about 14 years due to an accident and am now gearing up to restart my profession in teaching, counselling, course Development and creating mindfulness/meditation/ art programs for Women at my new art studio ! I have my Masters in Education (Counselling & Human Development with courses in Adult Education) but need to get my online teaching and course development skills sharp again.
I am hoping to learn so much from this great global resource and all of you wonderful people I just found.
It’s so Awesommmme!!!
I am also developing the very first one year course Modules for a new online global university and am looking forward to working on that project.
Thanks :pray:t2: so much and many mannny Blessings to each and everyone
of you ! : ))))))
Love from Maggie :sunny: in Canada :canada:

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Welcome, Maggie! So many exciting ideas to talk about. I’m based in Kingston, Ontario, where do you find yourself? I would love to hear more about your global university :slight_smile:

Hello all,
My name is Janet and I am an adult services librarian in Charlotte NC. I am missing my branch, customers, and co workers during quarantine. I am excited to learn more about P2PU and to utilize the resources here for 2 upcoming learning circles. In an effort to try and get more exercise while home, I just learned that jumping rope at 49 years old is really hard!!
Wishing good health to all!

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Hi Janet, Welcome :slight_smile: We’re big fans of your team in Charlotte! You’re colleagues Ulonda and Hilary have been helping us develop a resource for virtual learning circles that I hope will be helpful for you soon. Hope to stay in touch. (PS- 30 years ago I earned a silver in double dutch, and decided to end my jump rope career on a high note and never return…)

Thanks Nico. So nice to connect. Love the rope jumping reference!

Hello everyone,

My name is Rob Smith, and I’m a librarian assistant at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library here in NC. I’m joining the P2PU community to help my community in continuing connections through learning opportunities, and I hope to learn a lot about some of the great things that go on here!

I’m Hashib from Bangaldesh I’m 24 years old And I’ve completed my BBA course two years ago. I’m here for learn more with experienced people. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. I met up with some people from the Sveriges Arbetares Centralorganisation a while ago. This is a Swedish industrial union which uses Study Circles

Hi everyone. I’m Stian and I was one of the co-founders of P2PU way back when :slight_smile: I have not been active in this community for many years, focusing more on my studies. I did a PhD on collaborative learning with technology (very much inspired by P2PU), spent four years of a post-doc building an open source system for collaborative learning, and now am working at the Minerva Project, a new kind of university.

I’m still extremely interested in learning and collaboration. Recently I’ve gotten into an interesting community around Roam Research, which is ostensibly a note-taking app, but actually goes much farther - the community around it includes a lot of people interested in things like Memex, knowledge sharing, learning in public (with the garage door open) etc. And now that I have a bit more stability in my life, I find there are many things I want to learn personally - from going back to the classics of pedagogy, to philosophy, neuroscience etc. And I realize that there aren’t really any good communities for doing that on the Internet… At least not in the way I want :slight_smile:

I realize I’m not really in the target group of P2PU right now (I’m one of those over-educated people who took to online learning early), but I figured there might be people in this community interested in discussing pedagogy and learning, and sharing ideas. The discussions we had on the P2PU mailing list 10 years ago were some of the richest I’ve ever had (I’m hoping to go back and re-read some of it gradually).

I’ve made some very rough notes on things I’m thinking about here: I am also doing a newsletter on networked thinking and learning, where I’m planning to also revisit a lot of the ideas around connectivist MOOCs, peeragogy, learning circles etc.

Happy to know you all! :slight_smile:

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Welcome back, Stian :slight_smile:

Hi There,
My name is Timothy from Kenya. I am very excited to be part of this community. My area of interest is online facilitation. Especially now that the world including our country has been forced to go the eLearning way due to the ongoing pandemic. I realize that most of our teachers were not ready for this. I therefore want to be part of such learning circles within my region and contribute accordingly. Thanks.

Hello everyone, I am very happy that I could join such a wonderful community.

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Hello Timothy,
Great to have you join us. Have you taken a look through our latest handbook ? It details some of what we have learned about online facilitation that might have helpful for you. Our partner from the Kenya National Library Service was involved in helping us shape this resource.
Hope to see you start your first learning circle soon,


Thanks @Nico_Koenig for the warm welcome and this useful handbook. I am also taking the course on facilitating learning circles. I should be in a position to start my first learning circle when done.