How can I pin a post at the top of a category page

  • @dirk how can i pin this post at the top of SOO category page?

Hey @jane. You should see a little wrench icon in the top right corner

If you click on that you’ll get a menu where you can select “Pin topic”

That should then pin the topic to the top of the category.

@jane - I thought you would be able to do it with the highest trust level (elder)? I made you a moderator, please check if you can pin the topic now?

@dirk you made me that in discourse – not community i think. i still don’t see the wrench icon!

I made you a moderator here as well! You should see the wrench, it is at the far right just under the bar at the top.

@dirk i’m not an admin on community so i don’t have that wrench!

thanks @dirk that resolved it