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From there, P2PU staff (@vanessa and @Erika) will prioritize on the project Trello board & you can follow our progress there.

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Mentioned to Vanessa and Erika already, repasting it here:

  1. Would like more characters to describe badge and criteria.
  2. Would like to be able hyperlink stuff, esp as URL takes more characters. For example, I imagine most badge creators would want to insert a link to their course where the badge is being issued.
  3. Being able to edit badge after it has been published is an issue. We can’t currently, so if we make a mistake we have to re-upload and fill in form all over again. This has happened with current facilitators - they then delete and start over again. Maybe have a draft public stage, like there is with courses?
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Hi @jane–thanks for the feedback.

While the description is limited in character count because of the OBI requirements, I don’t believe the criteria is. We’ll see what we can do about it.

On the editing side, Erika is deploying a stop-gap measure so folks can still edit the Badge until a project is a associated with it. That will give us some time to hammer out a better solution.

Is there anything that you enjoyed or found useful about the platform?

*copied from an earlier email, for context:

Things that would be nice to see:

  • Character limit for description fields - can there be a warning/notification about the maximum length of the description fields for the badges? Totally agree that the character limit makes sense, but I spent extra time trying to trim down my description to 128 characters after writing out a longer one. It's kind of like writing a tweet, which takes a bit of skill to do well ;)
  • Adding a badge to a course - When I did this from the Open Science course, it looks like a new page is created in the course content for each badge, which would work for some folks who only offer one badge per course, but doesn't really work for mine (that offers 5 badges). I took the embed code and pieced my own "badge page" together here, instead:
  • Description formatting - The lead-in language for the description fields are a little confusing for me in that I wasn't sure if I should complete the sentence beginning with "Because Folks With This Badge Can:*..." or write in a grammatically-correct sentence that could stand on it's own. The reason I bring this up is that I want to make sure that the descriptions I place in the badges will make sense when they are shared outside of P2PU, and don't appear as snippets that are clearly out of context. That make sense?

Secondary Wish List

  • More fields (w/an appropriate character limit, or link shortening if necessary) for mapping badges to learning-specific metadata (LRMI), like you can in the courses.

K, I’ll stop for now. Again, fantastic work, guys.

@vanessa - the criteria badge limits to 128 for me too. do you mean the “Because Folks With This Badge Can:*” field? bc it still has that limit for me.

and sorry for the rushed feedback/i’m just crunched on time – but i love it! it’s really easy to use! you guys are doing a great job.

@billymeinke - whoa billy. this looks fantastic - the page on your course i mean. can you share that page with the SOO list and how you did it? eg. some sample embed code/formatting, etc.? Thanks!

Thanks @jane
I started to reply and wanted to include a link to an image of the markup, but Discourse is blocking me from embedding and image AND placing a link.

I used the embed code from the dashboard, plus a tiny bit of markup for the heading levels. I also started playing around with the formatting to make it look better, but decided to put time into other parts of the course. Hope this is useful.

(link to image was here, no longer)

(you may have to copy and paste the link…grrr)

Edit: Discourse is maddening. Breaking my links, preventing images from being embedded b/c I’m a “Visitor”.

Hmm… you should get @chris to look into that. Or add these breaks under the section about Discourse!

In the preview of my badge the box on the top (the big yellowy one) is half-covered by the head menu and I can’t really read it. I would attach a screenshot but am not allowed as a new user …

Similar issues with the character limit though I understand its necessarity. But totally on to have “custom” fields in the badge, like we would probably like to link to projects and material that would help you in order to build the project to get a badge.

Added on this I would love to have “tagging” as a way to “categorize” badges, find badges which are similar to the one we I just applied stuff for and that sort of thing.

And lastly I always find it disturbing when the input-field-name-tags doesn’t match what is eventually written on the displayed version. I went back twice to change the content because it made no sense with the descriptive title of the displayed version anymore. Oh and I would also mention the absolute pixels the badge will be shown in later because that does matter, too.

I know I’m nitty-gritty here but you asked for it :wink: .

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Love the nitty gritty, @lightyear.

Preview a Badge: we’ll be moving this location:

Character count: @Erika is working on an in-line character count solution. I’d like to increase the criteria character count in our next sprint.

Tagging: In August I’ll be focusing on project creation and Badge discoverability. I hear your ideas, and would love to run the features by you when ready!

Copy: Fixed for the next deploy.

Hey @jane:
We’re looking to expand the description count. We’ll keep you posted. Thank you!

Hey @jane:

Hyperlink: we’ll have a field for associated course in the next sprint.

Draft: @Erika has set the Badge to be editable until someone applies for a project related to the Badge.

I see on that the project received the same feedback x3. We should investigate to see if this is a glitch or if the user did something wrong?

And something small:

We should remove the close button from that alert box!

I’m following up on a couple related points that I"ve emailed with Vanessa about, and moving per her request to this medium! Since I’ve quoted past conversation for context, I’m bolding my new comments to make them stand out. -Pete

(Pete said):

The badge looks good on her page, but there is one thing that I would not expect to see there, and another that is missing.

It shows a photo of Sara, and links to her page; but Sara simply created the badge, she did not award it in this case. So to the casual observer, I think it’s a little confusing – why is this person here, listed as the author? Author of what? (If the focus is on the work Kathy has authored, I think most people looking at this page wouldn’t be thinking much about who authored the badge.)

(Vanessa said):

1.) We keep the author of the Badge as part of the info because we’d like to give authors a kind of status. It’s also a useful way for students to search for Badges they should apply for–they search for the name of the author.

I support the general notion of giving the badge creator credit! My critique is not of the goal, but of the details of the presentation. Two specifics:

  • In this particular case, it’s a little weird since Sara’s creation was
    almost entirely at my direction. It’s sort of like if the person who
    took Stephen King’s dictation of a novel were listed as the author on
    the book’s cover. This is absolutely not a problem for us, but I
    think it’s worthwhile for you to bear in mind as a possible, if
    unusual, use case. Perhaps during the badge creation, there could be
    a possibility of somebody entering an author name other than their
  • The more significant issue, to me, is that is confusing what
    this “author” authored! I would expect the main thing the reader
    would have in mind, would be what the badge holder has authored
    (see issue #2 below). I think this part is really easy to remedy
    though – in addition to making the link between the badge and the
    project that earned it more prominent (as you mention below), I think
    changing the label from “author” to “badge author” or "badge creator"
    would make it a lot clearer what it means.

(Pete said):

Maybe more importantly, there is no link to the project Kathy submitted for the badge, or the feedback she received on it. It’s of course possible to get there, but it takes a couple of clicks – first going to the badge page, and then clicking on her username. (And if the badge is very successful and is awarded to hundreds of people, even that will become pretty tricky!)

(Vanessa said):

2.) You should be able to navigate to her project and feedback on the “Feedback” tab. You are absolutely right about projects not being as easy to get to, and that will change in our next sprint. More information on the project will be included in the submission, with a thumbnail of the Badge that project applied for/received. We’re also changing the dashboard to be more intuitive.

I see what you mean about the “feedback” tab, it’s not totally absent. It seems to me that the tie between the badge itself, and what earned it, is of pretty critical importance – the one thing I would expect to be able to click to within the badge itself would be the project details and feedback! General information about the badge is worthwhile too of course, but seem secondary to the specifics of what this person did. So one fix I think would make sense would be, simply replace the two links to the badge page with links to the feedback page. Those interested in the badge page can still get there, IMO intuitively, from the feedback page.

A couple weeks ago, a student applied for a new badge I had just created. She is the first and only to apply for it. I saw the notification email at the time. I have tried a couple times to respond to it, but run into snafus; and after a more concerted effort today, I think the snafus are real, and I have a hunch what (part of) the problem might be. I’m getting 2 problems; first I’ll describe what I did, then get to the problems:

I logged into, went to “”, and clicked on “review a project.” But it tells me “currently there are no projects for you to review.” I emailed my student, to ask if she had withdrawn the project or something. She hasn’t, but here’s the direct link to her submission:

So, the two problems, which I’m now thinking are related:

  • Often, when I try to go to one way or another (for
    instance, from the “get your badges” button here), I get “This web
    page is not available.”
  • When I do get to, I cannot find Jade’s submission.

The pattern I have finally noticed: I think all the times I try and fail to get to the site at all, it is using an https: link. When I go to the site directly, I am using http:. So, my guess is that https: is broken somehow, and is required in order for the site to pass my login information to the “badges” subdomain. (or maybe, in order to be logged in at all?) So the reason I’m not seeing her submission is that it isn’t recognizing me as logged in at all!

If my theory’s right, it seems there are a couple things that should be fixed…https: login obviously, but also the page that says “currently there aren’t any projects for you to review” should probably make it clear if you are not logged in! Because, obvious as it now seems, it really wasn’t occurring to me that my login session was getting lost in the transition from to (It has worked fine in the past, of course.) If a failed login session is the reason for no results, that is the kind of thing I’d expect the page to report.

Hope that all makes sense! Please let me know what I can do to most expeditiously award Jade her (well-earned) badge :slight_smile:

Also, a smaller detail: if you look at the project submission link above, you’ll see the headline repeats the word “Badge Badge.” In hindsight, I suppose it would have been better to just call it “WikiSOO Signator.” But going forward, I think would be nice if either: (a) the software warned me against including the word “Badge” in the title when I initially created it, or (b) that page were programmed to recognize that “Badge” is already there and not repeat it.

One other thought, is it by design that those not logged in cannot see what has been submitted for a badge, linked from its page? I can imagine good reasons for this if it’s by design! But also, it would be helpful for me to be able to click through to that directly from the badge’s page.

Hi Peter,

thank you for this report, it is quite thorough and it actually saves me a lot of time testing and reproducing the error. I had just now submitted a pull request for the “https” issue and it will be changed with the next deploy.

As for the “Review a Project” section not letting you know whether you are logged in or not, I will first investigate the reason this has not shown you the right data, I also suspect that login isis the case. Certainly your suggestion is noted, and since it is not a huge change on my part I don’t see why it would not find it’s way into project bcs it also brings value as well.

You should apply for badge :smile:

Thank you for the feedback and for [awarding the badge][1]! I tried to click the “Add to backpack” button, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. I logged into backpack (dot) openbadges (dot) org as well – I was somehow able to add a previous badge there, but can’t figure out how to add this one. Any tips?

Also, this is a little separate, but maybe you can help. I haven’t been able to figure out how I can show my backpack to others. Is there a way to get a public URL that shows what badges I have earned?
[1]: http://badges (dot) p2pu (dot) org/en/project/150/

If the button “Add to Backpack” does not work, than it might as well be that there is a bug. I will take a look at that today.

As for displaying of the Badges from your backpack, I did research a little and all you can do now is you can click the share button in your collection in backpack, and it will open up your collection and with that provide you link to that collection. Then you can put that link to anywhere you need it.