Discourse trust levels


Continuing the discussion from Feedback on Badges.p2pu.org:

Hey @billymeinke

Sorry for the inconvenience. Discourse automatically assigns a trust level to a user and then adapts it according to the users’ behavior. Unfortunately we can’t manually assign a higher trust level to a user in the version of discourse we are running. If read something about a feature to do just that, but I don’t know if it’s implemented yet?

Thanks for letting us know about the fustrations with discourse, we would like to remove the hurdles and make this a great place for discussion!



Hey thanks for the reply, @dirk!

This link kind of explains trust levels the way Discourse has set them up:

Reading through, it seems that a user’s trust level will automatically be upgraded (and more permissions granted) once they make a certain # of posts, topic reads, etc. Having all users start out at the bottom tier (visitor) makes sense for new communities, but will leave people in this community struggling at first. Any thoughts?


In the post Billy mentions:

I found a mention about how to change the default limits. I am in favor of allowing upload of images and increasing the number of max links for users with “visitor” status.


We are in the process of upgrading discourse to the latest version and will make some changes once that is done. In addition to changing these environment varibles, the newest version might offer easier ways of changing permission levels or dealing with this.


@billymeinke We’ve updated to the latest version and its now possible to manually change the trust level for users - you should be able to post images and links now!

Also, I think it would be good to invite people we would like to use the forum. According to the link @billymeinke sent invited users start at the second trust level - iow can do most of the normal things.