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@PeteForsyth have just tried to add a Badge in backpack and was successful, so it would be quite helpful if you could send me a screenshot of your screen when you try to push the badge to backpack, please.


Thank you for the very helpful screen shot!

I’m not sure a screen shot for my issue would help much – there is literally no feedback. I click on the “Add to Backback” button, and there is no change to the screen whatsoever. I’ve tried under Safari on a Mac, and Chromium on a Lubuntu Linux machine with the same results.


Also, I have yet another question – when creating the Burba and Signator badges, I tried very hard to create a bullet list for the criteria, trying markup and HTML in various ways, but was unsuccessful. But I see that this badge does have a bullet list! Can you tell me how you did it? My badges look tacky! I hope I can upgrade them :slight_smile: http://badges (dot)


I don’t think your Badges look tacky, but still you will be happy to hear, you can do that now as well (make a bullet list, I mean). This is a feature we have build in on the last sprint. I believe your Badge was made before that and back then you were not able to change your requirements and system did not provide text editor on that field.

Now it’s all there! Go and change the text to make it look even better! :blush:


I wanted to see how it looks like for you, where is the button, and what it links to. What you are describing looks a lot like there is no action behind the button pressed in your case.
Like JavaScript would be disabled, or pop-ups are blocked (this is what Mozilla OB system pushes a modal window right after this button is pressed). The thing that confuses me is that you tried on so many other browsers.

I have tried on a mac with Safari also and have had not problem. Can you share which Safary you have installed and on which operating system on your Mac?



I love the concept of badges, and have created one for a course I am busy designing. I have some complaints, and suggestions to solve them:

1 . A simple HTML error. On the “About Badges” page, at the bottom there is a bullet list entitled “Find Out More”. There is a slight formatting error. The current HTML is:

    <li></li>Our platform is open source--fork it <a
                    href="">on GitHub</a>.

Suggestion: I recommend changing it to:

    Our platform is open source--fork it 
    <a href="">on GitHub</a>

2 . I found that the “Fast Facts” section on the “About Badges” page did not feel to me to provide sufficient motivation. It was only after doing some research into the idea of badges that I started to grasp the importance and usefulness.

Suggestion: I would add the point that it is a “Mentored, qualitative feedback assessment tool to advertise mastery of a particular skill.”

3 . In the slide-show entitled “P2PU’s Plan for Badges”, on slide 6/9 it mentions the ability to select shapes and icons to use to build the badge. I could not find this functionality and assume it has not been implemented yet.

Suggestion: A simple solution would be to provide links of online tools users can make use of to create their badges. Examples I found are:

4 . I found it a bit frustrating that the Criteria field for creating a badge is limited to about 930 characters. I wanted to provide a lot more details about the instructions. I read that this restriction is due to limitations in the standard, although I might have misunderstood.

Solution: Provide an “About” page which is associated to the Badge which is just a single textarea with markdown that has no limitations. Thus, you can still adhere to the standard for the badge, whilst still allowing for as much additional information as the creator wants to provide in the associated page.


I also have the same problem with the ‘Add to backpack’ button. It worked, the first time, and led me through to create an account on Mozilla Persona etc… but when I came back, after confirming my email etc… the ‘add to backpack’ button does nothing - there’s no action on the page.

I’ve tried both Chrome and Firefox and tried deleting my cache and cookies in Chrome but this made no difference.

When I check the page info, javascript and cookies are all allowed, and the button did work the first time I accessed it. If I log in with a different P2PU account, the ‘add to backpack’ button works. Does this provide any clues?


This provides some clues yes.
I will keep in touch shall there be any additional questions about your experience (all though you have described it here pretty well).

Thnx, Erika


Hi @vanessa , @dirk et al,

Just a quick note on adding Badges to Courses. I see that the content that automatically gets added to the course when you add a Badge contains an iframe for embedding the badge in the course content. However, because the site is not secure (HTTP not HTTPS), the iframe displays nothing due to security restrictions in the web browser. I’m not sure if this is happening in all web browsers, as I work only in Chrome and Firefox.

Would you guys consider adding SSL to the badges site so that this problem could be resolved?



Hi @ralfe we are aware of this problem and are working on it.


Hi all… any chance of adding a share to Facebook or Like on Facebook option in the sharing to augment the current buttons for Twitter and G+?




I seem to remember something about Facebook not being bootstrap-happy. But I could be wrong. @Erika will fix you right up.


Sure, I don’t think this should be a huge implement. I will look into it and let you know.


@angela I believe that @Erika posted a fix for add to backpack. Please try again? Thanks, VMG


Hi everyone. I know I’m opening up an old topic, but reading through the posts in this thread I don’t see any mention of the issue that I’m having.

I love the badges on P2PU - I’m a big fan of Open Badges in general and I’m excited about the process of learners submitting a project, experts reviewing it and providing feedback, and then resubmission of the project by the learner.

My issue is that the feedback on projects is public - anyone using P2PU can view it. In our institution feedback is a confidential communication between a tutor and a learner.

Is there any way of changing the settings to allow the feedback on projects to remain between the individual learner and expert/tutor?


Hi @DigiSkillsCymru

Unfortunately not. We designed the feedback mechanism to be public and serve as part of the evidence for awarding the badges. Maybe you could conduct feedback interaction in a different space that is private and then share a summary that you feel comfortable sharing publicly?


Hi Dirk,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly about this. I think you’re right - we can always use another form of feedback in parallel.

In future I’ll make it explicit to my learners that the projects submitted for a badge on P2PU are public and that anyone can provide them with feedback. Then they can make an informed choice.




Dear all, I’m not able to add a badge from badges.p2pu to my course. On submit I get an Internal Server error. I’ve tried new and awarded badges (all status), course different status, new browsers, different computers, different locations and different days and still this error on add badge.

I see its all to possible to send any badge to Backpack at the moment with an error of “could not get assertion: unreachable” being displayed on the backpack dialogue after clicking the Hoorah button.

The two may be related to do with permissions / authorizations but I’m lost to see what. I can see the rest of P2PU is working and I’ve been awarded badges by other users. Those I can add to backpack either.

I’m desperate for some help as I’m blocked with my course creation without the badges.


Hi @niallq - it’s been a while since we’ve done any work on badges. The most likely cause is that something changed on the Open badge backpack side. Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to look into the problem and sadly I have to recommend that you consider another badge platform.