Does require a new account?

@dirk it seems we need a separate account to log in to use discourse? we can’t just log in with our google account or the one we use with

I enabled Google logins. Since I started using a password manager I don’t really use Google for auth anymore so I forgot about it.

Hm, it’s still pointing me to create a new account after I click Google (whereas with community it just logged me in), eg. it assigns me a username saying “Your email has been authenticated by Google_oauth2”

Never mind. Just logged in. How do I create a new category for a new course? I don’t think I have permissions…

@jane - you are now an elder on the forum, discourses words, not mine :slight_smile:

hey @dirk i still can’t figure out how to create categories… am i missing something?

Hey @jane, if you go to you should see a button in the top right where you can create a topic:

It may not have shown before because off permission, but it should show for you now.