Do I enroll learners or do they do that on their own?

You can do both!

Learners enroll on their own

  • When you create a learning circle, a personalized learning circle promotion page and URL link will be created. You can edit the details listed on your learning circle page by accessing your P2PU Dashboard.

  • Learners can enroll by accessing your unique learning circle URL. This can be found on your Dashboard, or on the P2PU learning circles page, or your team page.

  • Anytime that somebody signs up, they will appear on your Dashboard. We recommend that all learners are signed up through the facilitator dashboard during the first meeting. If you need to add or remove learners from the learning circle, you can do so on the “Members” part of the dashboard.

Adding learners

  • To add a learner manually, click the “Add learner” button on your Dashboard and fill in the learner detail. You will need to fill in the “Goal” and “Support” fields, so make sure that you get this information from the learners if you plan to add them to the Dashboard at a later stage.

  • Some facilitators create other ways for people to sign up, like paper sign up sheets, or their own event registration system.

You learn more about managing learning circles and using your Dashboard by following the ‘Read-the-docs’ link: