Working Group Week 2 - Wednesday April 22, 2020

Hello everyone!

We are genuinely looking forward to seeing you all again this coming Wednesday, April 22. During our last call, we heard requests to host more small-group discussions, offer an orientation to learning circles, review online tools, and develop useful practices and resources for online learning circles.

To reach these goals, we will be introducing interest-based breakout rooms (preliminary rooms, goals, and discussion questions detailed below). We’re also considering the option of hosting our meetings on alternative video and discussion platforms every week to give us all a chance to try new out tools together. This week our meeting will remain on Google Meet as was the case for Week 1.

Breakout rooms

Room #1 - Resource Development: Document strategies and create resources that effectively support online learning circles.

  • This week’s question: What strategies and activities keep people engaged in an online learning experience?

Room #2 - Access: Document case studies and best practices to introduce learning circles and provide a meaningful community to those with low digital literacy or with no internet equipment.

  • This week’s question: How do we introduce learning circles to people who are unlikely to be reached through digital promotion?

Room #3 - Orientation: Introduce the practice and implementation of learning circles and meet others who are starting for the first time.

  • This week’s question: What do you need to know to start your first learning circle?


  1. Welcome / Check-in (10 min)
  2. Online Learning Circle Experiences (10 min)
  3. Breakout groups (30 min)
  4. Next steps (5 min)
  5. Plus/Delta (5 min)


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