Where are learning circles happening in the world?


This map showcases where learning circles have occurred since we started in 2016. Each dot indicates a learning circle and each color represents a different year.

There are a few other ways to find out where learning circles are happening or have happened in the past:

First, through our interactive world map featured on the P2PU landing page: p2pu.org


Also, every three weeks, the P2PU community digest creates chart featuring active learning circles by country. To receive these digest, you must check ā€˜receive announcementsā€™ on your dashboard.

Hereā€™s an example of this chart detailing learning circles that occurred between January 1st and March 15 of 2019.


And finally, our learning circles page (Explore Learning Circles) shows a list of active or upcoming learning circles. You can also sort this list by location.


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