What supplies do I need to run a learning circle?

By no means do you need all of these things, but this is what we’ve seen folks gather in the past:

  • Laptops for all participants who don’t have their own (with an internet browser and word processor installed)
  • Extra headphones for participants who don’t have their own
  • ‰Any additional software the course might require (this is rare)
  • ‰A projector and relevant HDMI or Mini DisplayPort adapter
  • A projector screen (if there is no wall to project onto in your space)
  • Adequate number of powerstrips and adapters
  • Phone/camera (to record and share materials)
  • Notebook and a pen
  • Name tags (use them until you are sure everybody is familiar with each other)
  • A few extra applications (for walk-ins)
  • Snacks (if possible/appropriate)