What do we think of discourse?


I’m loving it so far. Look - inline help! Wow!


P2PUers - After you sign up, I’ll give your accounts admin access.


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I think discourse is sleek app that will prove itself to be way more useful than ordinary mailing list.
If you ask why, the simple way is to answer to yourself why you had bought that new piece of hardware (phone, computer or both).
We the ppl love new and shiny stuff. Besides it is much more functional than just mails. Or maybe am dead wrong (which I am not :smile:)
I will read trough it and see what other people are up to, which will help me get in to the spirit way faster (thus pay more attention in the community calls)


It’s looking good! What auth does it use atm?


I see we decided to use discourse for most communication. What’s the best way to message someone? Should we just start a new topic and @metion the person?


Yup yup. Like @dirk :slight_smile:


The authentication is just the internal discourse for now. We need to add in the config variables for the other auth options to work.


And I clicked a button and now we can use mozilla persona. :slight_smile:


Seems pretty nifty so far.


Persona login works flawlessly.


Could we get google accounts set-up as well, please. I think that’s important for P2PU - that we can use our @p2pu.org accounts (going forward).


Am I doing something wrong - I set up to get the digest but missed out on all these messages. Must fiddle around a bit more.


@1L2P - I’ll look into getting the accounts all integrated in the next couple days. Just google+ and twitter for now. Using our p2pu logins would require some custom code in discourse.

@tghaverchuck88 - Glad to hear that persona login works great. That’s my personal fav.


I have a huge crush on discourse. Email is so 20th cento.


The @p2pu.org accounts should work as standard google accounts, because it’s a Google Apps domain. Maybe not as important as I thought, because most of the people with @p2pu.org accounts have already created discourse accounts by now.


Great. I love freebies.


So far I’ve enjoyed using discourse more and more. Maybe it’s time to plan some next steps?

@chris have you finished with the changes we previously discussed? Are we running the original branch atm?


@Dirk - not yet. I’ve been busy traveling and such. I’ll have it done by the end of the week.


I still think discourse is cool and would feel like something is missing if we would shut it down now! #justsaying