What do we think of discourse?


I completely agree with @Erika. In fact, I like this better than community and staff email. At least for now, while the notifications are not nudging us constantly, it just requires a slightly different approach to using it. I try to come to the site a few times a day to see what’s new. I actually prefer to work that way - over the constant barrage of messages flooding into my inbox.


+1 agree so much yes please


I like that it gives you email notifications when you need them but not if you’re actively keeping up with things.


Hi All,

Quick update on discourse - File uploads now work - Upload away!


Odd - I tried uploading an img and embedding it in my reply. The preview looks ok, but I can’t get the post to show up. I’ll try as a reply to the topic (rather than a reply to your post).


Nope - no luck. Unable to publish a new reply with an embedded image.

This is the link to the image



Weird. It does work if I just include the link. But the tag created by the Discourse editor does not work…


Hey folks - can you let me know in 140 characters what it is that you love about Discourse (to be added to the intro mail for the community).
I’ll be pulling stuff from this thread as well, but if there are any well-crafted words you’d particularly like to share, this is the place for them…


Less noise than email. More persistent than chat. Good interesting conversations.


Be (in) the heart of community with us. Easy to use, more time to talk


140 characters, surely discourse would never limit me to 140 characters :smiley:


Seriously though: more space for more conversations about more topics with less noise and less distraction


I feel like I’m at a dinner party with all my friends, not on a mailing list.


i like it too and think it’s very slick! but i wish there was a way to get a digest notification of new topics so i could have a lightweight reminder to log back in and an indication of what is being discussed. otherwise i have to remember to check the site manually. am i missing a setting?


Someone mentioned that you can subscribe to categories, but I don’t see that option anywhere?


@jessykate - you get notifications of activity in threads/categories you’ve been active in if you don’t check in after 24 hours. It’s pretty clever. And you can change the digest setting in your preferences.


yes i like that, but i don’t even know to be active in the thread if i don’t remember to visit the site in the first place :). so new thread notificatins would be really helpful! :slight_smile:


@jessykate if you change your ‘consider topics new when’ in your preferences to ‘I haven’t viewed them yet’ your digest will include any and all new posts and topics.


@tim AHA!! thank you! i will try that :D.


I am actually pleasantly surprised using it! The issue is - how do we get more people, existing veterans and newbies, involved? Esp existing veterans who have contributed a great deal in the past.

If we can’t get them to join, how do we make sure that we don’t neglect the mailing list?