What do we think of Commons in a Box?

Hey @dirk and @Erika - I would be very interested what you make of this wordpress package as a starting point for schools? It was developed by CUNY, which is one of the largest public university networks in the US and seems to go quite a long way towards a turn-key social learning solution. Is this something we could tweak to get schools started more easily?


It seems like it can be useful - the two main elements in their demo seems to be groups and wikis. Those two together can probably be used for many things.

Do you think something like this could work for the Govlab Academy?

At the risk of sounding totally stupid, what exactly does that mean?

Something you can install that provides all the key features you need to do learning with other people online. I don’t know if commons in a box actually is a good solution - but that’s the potential I see.

I too would be v interested in our assessment of this. Would be great to have a turn-key (or close to) solution to recommend (based on experience) to those who ask us. There will always be some who want it…